10 Real-life Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling

10 Case Studies that Document the Damaging Effects of Micro Needle Treatment

We advise our clients to avoid micro-needling, as we have been inundated with accounts from real people about the adverse side effects of this treatment.READ MORE

8 Reasons Why You Should NotMicroneedle at Home

Microneedling involves using fine needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. Aiming to improve texture, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate the complexion. When performed by professionals, it can yield positive results. However, attempting microneedle at home treatments can lead to potential side effects. in this article and our free ebook, we explore eight compelling reasons […]READ MORE
Microneedling: Beware, It Can Seriously Mess With Your Skin

Microneedling Beware, this is how it can damage your skin in 2024

Microneedling punctures your skin and undermines your skin’s protective barrier, causing sudden changes in the structure of your skin that it then needs to repair.READ MORE
Dermarolling treatment on ladies face

Your Complete Resource to Dermaroller and Microneedling, the good, bad and ugly

I believe the future of skin care needs to see a significant shift of focus towards delivery systems. Why? Because in order to truly fight premature ageing, we need to target dermal and not epidermal activity.READ MORE
Dermarolling Tip

10 Dermarolling at Home Tips you Should Know

It seems there’s nothing we won’t do in the pursuit of good skin. But are we really willing to plunge thousands of tiny needles into our face repeatedly? It seems the answer is "yes, absolutely!". It's the beauty craze that's sweeping the nation.READ MORE
Skin Needling: Could It Be Ruining Your Skin?

My Skin Needling Journey, what I wish I had known about the risks

A medical skin needling treatment involves the use of fine needles that pierce microscopic ‘holes’ into the superficial layer of your skin.READ MORE
Skin needling device with serum

How to Care for Your Skin After Micro Needling

This article explores the challenge around ingredients used during facial needling whilst trying to find the balance between the degree of injury, acceptable downtime, and the most effective outcome.READ MORE
Picture of women with her skin before microneedling very damaged and then healed

My Microneedling Treatment is one of Inflammation and Regret (Case study)

My journey with microneedling was quite different from what I expected. I had heard about this wonder treatment that promised to heal imperfections, so I was intrigued. However, my experience was far from the ideal one you often hear about. Microneedling ruined my skin, and I encountered various issues during and after microneedling. This includes […]READ MORE

Best Skincare for use with Morpheus 8 in 2024

This treatment creates skincare superhighways in your skin So ingredients can penetrate deeper. Morpheus 8 treatment is designed to kickstart essential processes in your skin. The device resembles a small skin aerator, one that may seem a bit intimidating. However, it plays a crucial role in skin rejuvenation by creating micro-injuries that trigger collagen production. […]READ MORE

10 Morpheus8 Esthetician Tips to Save Your Skin in 2024

I’ve been deeply moved by the number of people reaching out for support. Seeking relief from adverse effects of Morpheus8 treatment. The absence of comprehensive guidance and assistance for those navigating these challenges is a genuine concern. With this in mind, I’ve created the following guide and this free ebook to help you avoid any […]READ MORE