Chemical Hair Straightening 101

Would you love to have permanently straight hair? Freedom from hours spent wrangling with hot styling equipment? In the past, this was only something curly-haired people could dream about. Fortunately, we have seen a shift towards chemically straightened hair products. Treatments that promise to offer a long-term fix for troublesome locks. So, if you are […]READ MORE
Natural Light Brown Hair Dye Recipes

Natural Light Brown Hair Dye Recipes

Achieving mid to light brown hair colour is possible with a little help from mother nature.
Grey Hair: Natural Hair Dye Ideas

Naturally Dye Grey Hair Without Chemicals

Having grey hair is an inevitable part of growing old; fortunately, you can achieve some really wonderful grey tones from natural hair dye ingredients.READ MORE
Henna Recipes for your Hair

Achieve Glossy Locks with Henna Recipes

Henna gives you the chance to be really creative and is especially good at staining keratin - the protein hair is made of.
Red Hair Dye, Courtesy of Mother Nature

Natural Red Hair Dye Recipes

Saffron, calendula, and henna are all herbs that can take hair from boring to red in under 30 minutes; read on to find out how to achieve red hair naturally.READ MORE
Nature's Answer to Blonde Hair Colour

Nature’s Answer to Blonde Hair Colour

My mantra is, Mother Nature takes care of all your beauty needs. The great thing is that this also extends to having beautiful blonde hair colour. The following recipes will take your hair from light brown to medium blonde in no time at all.READ MORE
How to Dye your Hair With Herbs

Learn How to Dye Your Hair Naturally With Herbs

Are you dreaming of adding a touch of radiance to your blonde locks? Or maybe you are seeking to lighten those dark roots naturally? Look no further. With many natural herbs, achieving your desired hair colour is within reach. But before using these herbal concoctions, it’s essential to understand how they can transform your hair. […]READ MORE
Natural Hair Colour Ideas

Natural Hair Color Ideas

These natural hair colour ideas will help to add shine and lift to tired tresses. They will also help to boost the health of your hair and scalp.READ MORE
Glossary of Hair Articles

Your Complete Resource for Hair Care

In a world inundated with chemical-laden shampoos, bleaching agents, and processed dyes, the quest for healthier alternatives has become paramount. Many of us have unwittingly exposed our hair to these harsh substances, unaware of the potential risks they pose to our overall well-being. What’s more, few realise that the hair shaft serves as a direct […]READ MORE