Light Chemical Peels and Sensitive Skin

Even sensitive skin types can benefit from a gentle chemical peel. Before you recoil in horror, reframing how you think about these treatments is essential. At NC, we prefer to use terms like “brighten,” “refresh,” and “renew”. Embracing the idea of gentle exfoliation with ingredients like lactic acid and enzymes. So, if you’ve been hesitant […]READ MORE

Types of Chemical Peels to Glow Proof Your Skin

Are you concerned with acne, ageing, dryness or pigmentation? Or maybe your skin is dull, and you’re looking for rejuvenation. Peels are touted by many as the secret to glowing skin. And its true rejuvenating effects can be evident after just one session. But with so many chemical peels available, there are specific nuances to […]READ MORE
Chemical Peels 101: Your Complete Guide

Your Complete guide to using Chemical Peels Safely

What is a chemical peel? it is an acid that dissolves the top layers. This creates a controlled wound on the skin allowing the skin to regenerate itself.READ MORE
Chemical Peel Burns: The Ugly Side of Beauty

Your Complete Chemical Peel Before and After Treatment Guide

Thinking of having a chemical peel? Do your research well, because if administered wrong, peels can have a devastating effect on the skin.READ MORE
Chemical Peeling Damage: Knowledge is Power

What to Expect During a Chemical Skin Peeling Treatment

Skin peeling weakens the binding properties of lipids, the intercellular glue that binds dead skin cells together, revealing a lighter, brighter you.READ MORE
Glossary of Exfoliation Methods

Your Complete Resource on Chemical Peels and Exfoliation

Welcome to our comprehensive resource on chemical peels and exfoliation. They are two essential components of any effective skincare routine. As estheticians, we understand that the world of exfoliation and chemical peels can seem overwhelming, with a vast array of treatments and information available. That’s why we’ve put together this resource, which will guide you […]READ MORE