Understanding the Acid Mantle

Discover the Vitality of Your Acid Mantle

The acid mantle is your skin's protective layer; the interface between yourself and the world. Without it, skin becomes dry and sensitive.READ MORE
The Ultimate Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Skin

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Beautiful Skin

Some might say beauty is skin-deep, but I believe the importance of skin goes a lot deeper. I prefer to focus on preventative measures and transparency in beauty instead.READ MORE
Barrier Cream: Isn't It About Time You Give Your Skin What It Needs?

Barrier Cream: Isn’t it About Time You Give Your Skin What It Needs?

We believe that correct barrier function is the foundation of healthy skin. This article is the culmination of years of research on components missing in some people’s skin, and the skin-identical ingredients that can replace them.READ MORE

Resting Bitch Face Actually Exists

Research has found that our facial expressions involuntarily reflect our emotions, they can intensify or even directly influence our mood.READ MORE
Top 20 Fascinating Face Facts

Top 20 Fascinating Face Facts

Whilst we don’t often give our face much thought, it is one of the most complex structures of the human anatomy.
Cellulite - Dispelling the Myths

Say Goodbye to Cellulite: Effective Ways to Treat and Prevent It

This article debunks the myths around cellulite, giving you a real account of the anatomy and why it is impossible to treat.
Understanding Skin Types

Skin Types: Understand the difference and Types

Skin types are hereditary; whilst they can't be altered they can be controlled. Identifying your type is the first step towards healthy skin.READ MORE

The Esthetician’s Guide to Skin Analysis

Picture this: You’re about to embark on a thrilling expedition into the depths of skincare A journey that promises to unveil the secrets of radiant, healthy skin. As an esthetician, part of your job is to navigate the vast terrain of facial analysis. So, grab your magnifying glass and join us. As we learn to […]READ MORE
Face Analysis

Decoding Your Skin: Mastering the Art of Face Analysis

Have you ever looked at someone and instantly known if they were unwell, tired, or stressed? It’s like our faces hold the key to our innermost feelings and health. This intuitive understanding is the essence of face analysis An indispensable tool in the world of skincare. One that helps you and your skin care specialist […]READ MORE
Why Skin Analysis Is Important If You Want Beautiful Skin

How to Achieve Beautiful Skin

Is it beautiful skin you're after? Then you need to address the health of your skin at every level.