Glossary Articles on Dry Skin

A Complete Resource for Help With Your Dry Skin

Everyone has a skin type. If you have dry skin, you’d think it would be pretty straightforward, right? Dry skin is actually quite complex. Tightness? Flaking, fine lines and sensitivity. Hello, and welcome to your dry skin. It feels uncomfortable, well, just about all of the time. Because so many conditions are associated with this […]READ MORE
Essential oils for dry skin

Why Essential Oils are the Perfect Treat for Your Dry Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin? Then essential oils may become your new best friend. Just check out their list of benefits below: repair and heal dull, flaky skin stimulate the growth of new cells encourage the removal of dead skin cells some contain chamazulene to help calm and soothe they gently break down adhesions […]READ MORE

This is Why Emollients are a Dry Skins Best friend

Is your skin dehydrated, dry, and flaky? Or maybe it’s prone to inflammation? Then emollients could be your new best friend. Often referred to as protectors, they form an invisible film on your skin. They shield it from environmental damage, And because the molecules are large, they don’t penetrate easily. This is why they make […]READ MORE
Lipid Formulas for Dry and Sensitive Skin

This is Why Lipids are the Secret to Getting Rid of Dry Skin

A sensitive skin, accompanied by stinging or itchiness, can be really tricky to treat. These expert tips on ingredients will help heal and protect your skin.READ MORE

Unveiling Ichthyosis Vulgaris: Causes, symptoms and treatments

Do you suffer from dry skin? Are you at a loss to know how to treat it? Fortunately, good news could be on the horizon. The latest research may have the answer, with a little-known missing gene called filaggrin. Ichthyosis Vulgaris This is pronounced Ik-thee-O-sis Vul-GAY-ris. It’s a genetic skin condition in which dead skin […]READ MORE
Your Essential Guide to Dry Skin

The Ultimate Guide for a Dry Skin Moisturiser

My essential guide to dry skin has all your questions covered on how to treat this tricky little skin type.
Best Daily Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

15 Reasons Why you Might be Suffering From Dry Skin

Are you a dry skin sufferer? Then you don’t need us to tell you how troublesome it can be to treat. This is because there are so many conditions going on within your skin. Including dehydration, inflammation and rough texture. Causes of Dry Skin on Face A surprising number of triggers cause dry skin: genetics […]READ MORE
Tips for Treating Dry Skin on Face

Tips for Treating Dry Skin on Your Face

How is your dry skin defined? Is it dull in colour or rough to the touch? Or has your skin’s ability to maintain hydration decreased? Maybe your skin is inflamed and red in some areas. Which can lead to a disturbance in the lipids in your skin. Treating Dry Skin When your skin feels rough […]READ MORE
Strengthen Your Barrier With Lipids

The Key to Strengthening Your Protective Barrier is Lipids

If you suffer from dryness, your skin may be lacking protective lipids, such as the ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids that keep skin supple.READ MORE

Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin. The science, ingredients and treatment.

When your skin is healthy, it’s naturally balanced. But we hear you, dry skin sufferers; This might be great in theory; how do you implement this? Our advice is to strip back your skincare routine. Once you have done this, you can introduce the next step. And that, of course, is an all-important moisturizer for […]READ MORE