Dry Skin on Face: 15 reasons why you may be suffering

Updated 01/09/20

Dry skin is a compromised, less-healthy skin.

Skin’s elastic natural state, plays a protective role, keeping it soft and supple.

When it becomes dry it can look rough, blotchy, and lined, and it doesn’t reflect light in the same way as hydrated skin.

Dry skin is tricky to treat, simply because there are a surprising number of triggers, a few of which we have listed below:

Reasons Your Skin May be Dry

  • hereditary
  • sun-damaged
  • a poor skincare routine
  • overzealous exfoliation
  • deficient in the gene filaggrin
  • environmental aggressors such as UV and pollution
  • a lack of essential fatty acids in your diet including linoleic acid
  • over-treating the skin, topical retinoids are a classic example of this
  • poor lifestyle choices; including recreational drugs, smoking, and alcohol
  • harsh, astringent products, which can cause inflammation in the skin tissues
  • dry skin on face can be due to a hormonal imbalance, such as pregnancy or menopause
  • low humidity levels and low temperature, drying heat in winter, air conditioning in summer, can lead to dehydrated skin
  • ageing, for instance, sudoriferous glands can become less active with age, causing the skin to become dry and parched
  • overstimulation from incorrectly performed beauty treatments, this may include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatments, and microneedling
  • washing with soap, which can strip moisture from your skin. Overwashing can also exacerbate dry skin – the hotter the water, the stronger the effect, opt for tepid water instead

The following tips and tricks will help take your skin from rough to smooth.

What Happens When Skin Becomes Dry?

Dry skin is usually a sign that the skin’s protective barrier has become impaired, this can cause nerve endings to become exposed and surface cells to dry out, which can make skin extremely sensitive.

Once gaps appear between the cell walls, the skin becomes red, itchy, and inflamed. Poor barrier function combined with insufficient lipids between epidermal cells allows for easier penetration of foreign bodies, and irritating ingredients to penetrate deeper into our dermis, causing inflammation in the tissues of our skin.

This inflammation can cause a number of biochemical reactions to occur within our skin, which over time can lead to the breakdown of fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin in our dermis – internal scaffolding becomes undermined, leading to visible signs of premature ageing.

This article looks at the complex biological processes that occur with skin ageing and how dry skin can affect this.

The naked truth

Dry skin has to be treated seriously, otherwise, it can manifest into something more insidious in the future, so getting the balance right is key.

A lack of oil and dry air is, of course, the enemy of dry skin, but so, counterintuitively, is water. Applied to the surface of the skin, water takes natural skin oils with it as it evaporates, causing the skin to dry out.

Surfactants, soaps, detergents, almost anything that foams will compound the water-evaporating situation further, breaking up and dispersing the skin’s natural oils with extreme efficiency. On top of stripping oil, surfactants can also inflame the skin, further disrupting the barrier function.

For this reason, implementing an effective cleansing routine is an important part of caring for dry skin, an oil cleanser like miracle cleanse will protect the skin with valuable lips, buffering the harsh effects of the cleansing process.

If you’d like to learn more about how best care for your skin, this routine will have your dry skin going from rough to smooth in no time at all.

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