Step by step guide for acne-prone skin

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Dear Acne

You come in various forms, from recurring breakouts, pesky pimples, and stubborn blackheads to tender red bumps and painful cysts. Your presence isn’t limited to one area; you make yourself known on the face, neck, chest, back, and even buttocks, posing a challenge regarding treatment.

Your activity tends to surge during hormonal shifts, especially during adolescence. This is when sebaceous glands go into overdrive, producing excess oil that clogs pores with dead skin cells and bacteria, ultimately leading to inflammation and the formation of those bothersome breakouts. Trying to tackle you by picking can lead to even more breakouts, scars, and post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) that we must avoid.

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Step 1

Step 1: Embrace healthier habits

Dear Acne,
Let’s work together to keep you clear by following these essential steps:

Avoid over-exfoliation

It’s crucial not to subject our skin to harsh scrubs, abrasive brushes or washcloths that could lead to acne inflammation. Instead, let’s treat our skin gently with the occasional enzymatic powder that won’t cause micro tears or aggravate the condition.

Don’t pick or squeeze

Doing so can spread bacteria to other pores, causing infections and the potential for scarring or dark spots (PIH). Instead, opt for professional steams and extractions to help keep the skin clear without causing infection.

Be mindful of makeup

Some ingredients found in makeup can clog the pores, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. So, instead, let’s opt for non-comedogenic mineral makeup to prevent this and ensure our brushes are consistently clean to prevent infection.

Product usage

We need to strike the right balance when it comes to treating acne. Using products that are too strong might leave the skin dry, red, and inflamed, yet products that aren’t strong might not get to the root of the problem. Therefore, choosing professional-strength products is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance.

Step 2: Introduce these clearing products

To effectively manage acne, it’s essential to adopt a three-pronged strategy:

Balance Sebum Production

To maintain skin equilibrium, it’s vital to regulate overactive oil glands. Our Clarify Calm and Balance Gel features intelligent ingredients that control excess oil production, eliminate bacterial food sources, and reduce acne-related inflammation.

Manage Cellular Buildup

Preventing early comedone formation is crucial in treating acne. Our Balancing Bar deeply purifies pores, removing excess oil, debris, and dead skin cells without disrupting the skin’s pH balance.

Regulate Bacterial Growth

Inhibiting the growth of acne-causing Cutibacterium is essential in acne treatment. Our Resq Skin Shot directly targets this bacteria, preventing breakouts at their source.”

B+ Skin Shot

Our versatile serum, enriched with Niacinamide and N-acetyl glucosamine, is designed to minimise enlarged pores and address hyperpigmentation and PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) for brighter, clearer skin after every use.

A + Retinol skin shot

This multitasking formula aims to enhance skin texture, diminish expression lines, and promote clearer skin by unclogging pores and balancing sebum, producing a balanced and refined skin tone.

Consistency and patience are key to your acne treatment

Results might not appear instantly, but you’ll see significant and long-lasting improvements over a few months if you stick to your customised plan.

Step 3: The fun part – pick your products

  • B+ Niacinamide Complex

    B+ Niacinamide Skin Shot

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    • USD: $ 37.93
    • SGD: S$ 51.19
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  • A+ Retinoid Complex

    A+ Retinol Skin Shot

    NZD 68.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 62.85
    • GBP: £ 32.72
    • EUR: € 38.47
    • USD: $ 41.60
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  • RESQ | Anti-Blemish Skin Shot

    RESQ Clearing Skin-shot

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  • Clarify-pH Balancing Gel

    Clarify-pH Balancing Gel

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