A Holistic Approach to Healthy Skin

6 Holisitic Approaches to Healthy Skin to Embrace in 2024

My approach to my practice is based on an understanding of how the skin works; that, coupled with its relationship with well-being, is always with one goal in mind - healthy skin that is balanced and able to perform its natural functions.READ MORE
A person buffing their legs with a body brush

Is Dry Brushing the Secret to healthy Skin

Did you know your body is capable of losing 1lb of toxins a day? And dry brushing can help with this process, freeing your body of toxins.READ MORE
Cellulite - Dispelling the Myths

Cellulite: how to get rid of it.

This article debunks the myths around cellulite, giving you a real account of the anatomy and why it is impossible to treat.

Thai massage: the mindful massage

A balancing, meditative workout for the body, mind, and soul Thai massage I worked for many years as an international spa manager, in some of the world’s top spas. I was fortunate enough to train at the famous WatPo – the Thai massage temple in Bangkok; it was a wonderful opportunity to learn this ancient treatment […]READ MORE