Our Mission

Our mission is to create skincare solutions that solve actual skin conditions so our customers can have healthy, glowing, and youthful skin.

Transforming the skincare landscape starts with a commitment to making healthy skin attainable for everyone. At the Naked Chemist, we’re dedicated to this mission through our four guiding pillars:

  1. Expert Education: We empower our customers with expert-level knowledge through free resources like ebooks, PDFs, and videos, ensuring you have the tools to make informed skincare decisions.
  2. Science-Backed Products: Our products are rooted in skin science and have been clinically proven to deliver results without compromise.
  3. Commitment to cruelty-free practices: All our products are tested on humans, never animals
  4. Sustainability in Beauty: We’re on a journey to become a premier wild-crafted, green beauty brand, leading the charge towards a cleaner, safer, and more earth-conscious future for skin care.
  5. Industry Insights: We are experts in skincare with 30+ years of insider know-how; we debunk myths and share real-world practices, helping you navigate through the noise and uncover the truth within the personal care industry.

    Our Philosophy

    Why choose the Naked Chemist? We understand that everyone’s skin is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Our skincare range is carefully designed to address specific skin challenges, such as improving the skin’s protective barrier, healing wounds, and reducing inflammation.

    We focus on different factors depending on each skin condition: premature ageing, dryness, rosacea, breakouts, and more.

    Everything you use on your skin matters

    Our connection to nature, skin science and sustainability is at the core of our philosophy.

    That means making informed choices about environmental and sustainable responsibility. An excellent place to start is with our skincare routines, where you can find products that are kind to your skin and the environment.

    Our unique skin science and botanical chemistry expertise enables us to create cruelty-free skincare that delivers visibly proven results for every skin type and concern.

    Your skin fully recognises all our products as the nutritional building blocks of its structure, greatly enhancing its ability to strengthen and repair itself.

    It starts with skin health.

    Your skin is a living ecosystem that constantly adapts. By listening to your skin and using our customisable products, you can address concerns like dryness, sensitivity, ageing, or blemishes. Over time, your skin can regain health and balance by responding to its unique needs influenced by lifestyle, products, diet, and the environment.

    Ingredients matter

    We have skin science and botanical chemistry expertise, allowing us to create truly working skincare products. Our products contain ingredients your skin recognises as essential building blocks, helping it strengthen and repair itself.

    We prioritise using skin-identical ingredients and New Zealand plant actives to deliver proven results for all skin types and concerns.

    Learn about our ingredients.