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Samantha Miller is available for phone, in-house, email, podcast and television interviews.

Skin Care Expertise

Learn more about esthetician and skincare expert Samantha Miller here. As a medical esthetician, clinical aromatherapist, lecturer and international spa manager, Samantha has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is a skilled and confident public speaker.

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You may use any resources from our blog, including skincare tips, videos in your print, articles, blogs, magazines or newsletters. To do so, please include the following paragraph, including a link to

Information is courtesy of, a resourceful website with tips and advice from skincare expert Samantha Miller.

For daily skin tips and more, follow Samantha on Instagram.

Brand Collaboration Policies

Many thanks for reaching out; we are thrilled about the prospect of you featuring an article or inserting a link on our platform.

Our blog attracts a substantial audience of motivated individuals actively seeking tips and techniques on skin health, natural ingredients, anti-ageing, body and hair care, and well-being to grow and enhance their lives.

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  1. The article must mirror the company’s fun and educational brand voice.
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  3. Content must be 100% unique and exclusive to our platform (Our editorial team will verify).
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  5. A relevant link to your site is allowed, with anchor texts that seamlessly fit the context.
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  7. The content should be optimised with keywords.
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Additional points

Our team reserves the right to edit your article for clarity, grammar, and alignment with the tone and structure of our blog, and we may request that you revise your post. Your proposed title and keywords may be subject to change before publication. If there are any significant modifications, we will ask you to review and approve the changes before the post goes live.

Pricing structure

  • $30 for a permanent backlink insertion.
  • $50 NZ for a written article.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or if there are additional details you’d like to discuss.

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