Light Chemical Peels and Sensitive Skin

Even sensitive skin types can benefit from a gentle chemical peel. Before you recoil in horror, reframing how you think about these treatments is essential. At NC, we prefer to use terms like “brighten,” “refresh,” and “renew”. Embracing the idea of gentle exfoliation with ingredients like lactic acid and enzymes. So, if you’ve been hesitant […]READ MORE

Skin Inflammation and the Triggers

If skin inflammation is a concern of yours, then understanding the triggers behind sensitivity and sensitive skin is going to be key to treating it.READ MORE

A Complete Resource for Help With Your Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Then you don’t need us to tell you it is tricky to treat. Irritation can start as a little tingle that turns into a sting. Within seconds, it can turn into a full-on wildfire across your cheeks. Because sensitive skin is such a complicated topic, it’s good to come at […]READ MORE

Your Complete Resource For Rosacea in 2023

Are you one of the flushed-faced few Whose skin is prone to flaring up unprovoked Who hears, “Are you OK?” While someone inquisitively peers at your blushing face. Then, chances are you have rosacea. Those with rosacea often reach out to me frustrated. As they try to control the red flushes, dilated veins, and acne-like […]READ MORE
Oils: A Sensitive Skin Girl's Best Friend

The Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin that Calm and Soothe

Do you have sensitive skin and it seems that nothing will work? Fortunately, there just may be a solution, in the form of pure botanical oils.READ MORE
Anatomy of Sensitive Skin

10 Expert Tips That Will Calm Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is caused by more neuro-active chemicals being released into the ­dermis than normal. This is what triggers the burning, stinging sensation.READ MORE
Understanding the Acid Mantle

Discover the Vitality of Your Acid Mantle

The acid mantle is your skin's protective layer; the interface between yourself and the world. Without it, skin becomes dry and sensitive.READ MORE
how to treat skin inflammation

10 Tips for Treating Skin Inflammation When Your Skin Reacts to Everything

You finally did it; you went all out on your skin. You’ve layered on every product you can find to try to diffuse the inflammation. Then why is your face still reacting to everything you put on it? Why has your foolproof 10-step skincare routine betrayed you? The reason is that sensitive skin is highly […]READ MORE
Soothing Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

10 Soothing Ingredients for Calming Sensitive Skin

Want to bring your skin out of the red and into the blue. Then these super soothing botanical extracts, could be the answer your looking for.READ MORE
Plagued by Dermatitis? Important Research Could Hold the Cure

Important research on dermatitis could be the cure

Is your skin more flaky than smooth and dewy? You’re not alone; here’s how to navigate your skin with dermatitis. Are you plagued with angry, red, scaly skin? Do you scratch so hard that it makes your skin weep? Is sleep deprivation average as you deal with the scratch-itch cycle? Does your skin blister so […]READ MORE