The medical term, for unusual red patches on the skin is erythema.

A pathological condition, which may occur as a result of the following:

Treatment of Red Patches on Skin

Whenever I am treating a client with erythema, I carry out an initial facial analysis based on the appearance of their skin.

Next I look at the history of any exposure, to irritating or allergenic substances and any accompanying symptoms.

Treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms, and the reason behind red patches on the skin.

If inflammation is a concern, I apply SOS ultra soothing complex directly on the skin, this helps to dull the nerve receptors and instantly reduce any irritation.

Obviously there are situations where treatment is beyond the realms of my practice, in which case I refer my clients to a medical specialist.

Preventing Red Patches on Skin

In the article on sensitivity, I look at how you can give your skin to much of a good thing.

Unfortunately us sensitive skin gals me included, are all guilty of occasionally having that candy store approach to our skin.

So how do we keep our skin out of the red?

  • Avoid abrasive granulated scrubs
  • Steer clear of alcohol-based toners
  • Avoid using really hot water on your skin
  • Moderate your use of hydroxy acids or peels, which will create red patches on skin
  • Avoid devices such as microdermabrasion, they are far to abrasive for the skin
  • Become an ingredient detective, look for  products formulated with minimal active ingredients, that won’t irritate the skin
  • Avoid sensitising fragrances and essential oils, they can make the skin more susceptible to inflammation
  • Skincare products with a very high pH, such as astringents must be avoided

If I can give you one piece of advice, it is to never use soap, alcohols or strong peels, all of these strip the skin and damage the protective flora.

Finally don’t forget to cater for your skins ever changing needs, occasionally switch your products and don’t be afraid to customise.

For instance, a cleanser that helped you to control excess oiliness on your skin in the summer, may leave skin parched and dry in the harshness of winter.

Remember to always invest in your skin; it is the first thing people notice about you,

After all, a healthy glowing complexion says a lot about a person.


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