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Your Complete Sensitive Skin Resource For 2023

Do you have sensitive skin?

Then you don’t need us to tell you it is tricky to treat

Why? Because it shows up with all sorts of skin conditions:

  • Sunburn
  • Acne inflammation
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Extreme dryness
  • Post treatment

The list is endless.

It’s why we folks at the Naked Chemist have written so extensively about it.

In the following articles, we will cover everything from the causes of sensitive skin to triggers, inflammation, an impaired barrier and acid mantle.

We will also be looking at the best ingredients and products you should be using for your skin.

So join us as we help to take your skin out of the red and back to  being calmed and soothed.

Sensitive Skin Guide

Understanding Sensitive Skin

Sensitivity avoid the candy store approach.

Barrier repair is the key to outrageously healthy skin.

The Acid Mantle and how to care for it.

Barrier function your skins security guard.

Can skin irritations and inflammation cause ageing?

Astringent products.

Sensitive Skincare Routine 

Barrier cream, isn’t it about time you give your skin what it needs?

Acid mantle cream, is this the answer to all your beauty woes?

Skin Sensitivity, a good moisturiser is key

Light chemical peels for your sensitive skin

An Esthetician’s guide on how to exfoliate

Ingredients to Treat Your Sensitivity

Ten surprising benefits of allantoin

Rose hip seed oil

Anti-inflammatory herbs for the skin

Anti-inflammatory herbs, keep calm and carry on.

How barrier-repairing botanicals repair thin skin

Benefits of chamomile in treating sensitive skin

Why healing botanical oils are a sensitive skin’s best friend

10 wild-crafted botanicals that will calm and soothe your sensitive skin

Treating Sensitive Skin and Inflammation

8 expert tips that will calm your sensitive skin

1o tips for treating inflammation when your skin reacts to everything

Prevent skin irritation by scaling back your routine

Treating red patches on your skin

Understanding Rosacea

If you are concerned about your skin and suspect it may be rosacea, we have created an entire resource for you here.




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