Whats Not in The Naked Chemist

Whats Not in The Naked Chemist

At the Naked Chemist, we are dedicated to incorporating ingredients that promote skin health. We focus on skin-identical components that seamlessly integrate with the skin. Ingredients that bolster the skin’s barrier function. That also balances pH and preserves the protective acid mantle. Transparency is paramount to our beauty philosophy. What we include in our products […]READ MORE

The Seven Deadly Skin Sins

Welcome to the Naked Chemist, where we prioritise the health and well-being of your skin. We believe in transparent and effective skincare solutions, steering clear of the “Seven Skin Sins.” These common ingredients in personal care products can cause irritation, allergies, and more, failing to enhance skin health. Skincare should be free from harmful ingredients […]READ MORE
useful glossary of beauty quotes

A Useful Guide to Skin Care Terminology

Welcome to the fascinating world of skincare terminology. In this realm of beauty and science, words are the keys to unlocking the secrets of radiant and healthy skin. From antioxidants that act as superheroes against ageing to To the mysterious powers of liposomes delivering targeted nourishment. Join us as we embark on a journey to […]READ MORE
Sodium PCA 7 skincare benefits you can’t ignore

8 Sodium PCA Benefits for Youthful, Hydrated, Plump Skin

Sodium PCA is an important humectant in skincare. It is water binding and moisturising and can hold several times its weight in water.READ MORE
What is Urea? Chemical Structure of Urea

Unveiling the Power of Urea in Skincare

Urea is a naturally-occurring substance found in the surface layer of our skin, and is an active part of our natural moisturising factor (NMF), which functions to keep skin hydrated, protected, and working efficiently.READ MORE
The Secret Sea Water Beauty Tips of Mermaids

Discover the 8 Miraculous Skin Healing Benefits of Sea Water

Mermaids love sea water; it contains 80 important elements found in the body, it's high in magnesium, and has natural antiseptic properties.READ MORE