A Lesson on Clay Face Mask Recipes

Easy Clay Face Mask Recipes for Healthy Skin

Nourishing and cleansing are just some of the benefits of a clay face mask. They contain potent minerals, vitamins, and active substances.READ MORE
Nature's Answer to Blonde Hair Colour

Nature’s Answer to Blonde Hair Colour

My mantra is, Mother Nature takes care of all your beauty needs. The great thing is that this also extends to having beautiful blonde hair colour. The following recipes will take your hair from light brown to medium blonde in no time at all.READ MORE
Cleansing Oil Recipes to Nourish Your Skin

Cleansing Oil Recipes to Nourish Your Skin

Wipe the day away with these gentle cleansing oil recipes, designed to remove impurities without upsetting the skin's delicate tissues.READ MORE
Natural Oil for Body Sprays

DIY Body Sprays With Natural Oils

Natural oil sprays are the perfect choice for that all-over summer glow. They leave a lovely, light, fragrant mist on the skin.READ MORE
Herbs And Their Uses: Making An Infusion

Herbs and Their Uses: Making an Infusion

Herbs and their uses are numerous; by making an infusion, you can release the active potential from leaves, flowers, and herbs.READ MORE
My Favourite Herbal Tea Recipes

My Favourite Herbal Tea Recipes

Herbal tea recipes are really simple to make; they're a great way to get maximum benefit from herbs and unleash their healing properties.READ MORE

How to Use Herbs: The Squeeze on Herbal Goodness in Skincare

Our philosophy is clean and conscious beauty. Coupled with the fact that interest in green formulas is on the increase, is a great thing. The 2020 soil association report found a 14 percent growth year-on-year in sales of certified organic and natural beauty and skincare products. But how do you get all the goodness nature […]READ MORE

Lesson three, making skincare lotion

Making skincare lotion is all about trial and error. Before you begin, make sure you have read lesson one, creating simple skincare products. Along with yesterdays article, lesson two on formulating, you’re ready to follow our step by step guide to creating formulas. Making skincare lotion The best way to approach making a skincare formula […]READ MORE

Lesson Two, creating simple skincare lotions

Making homemade skincare lotions is an art. It would help if you also were meticulous about everything you do. Ensure everything is spotless and free from clutter. In this article, we discuss the ingredients involved when creating simple skincare lotions. In step 8 in this article, wel give you a complete breakdown of the formulating process. Today, we […]READ MORE

Creating Simple Skin Care Lotions

Lately, we have been looking at making your own skincare products. Here we discussed what ingredient goes with what phase, which is an essential part of the formulating process. You can also join us here for step 7, where we bring you more lessons on making your very own homemade skin cream, However, we will recap […]READ MORE