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Site Security

Form Submission security

A secure server is used when you submit a form on the Naked Chemist website, such as a simple site search or an inquiry via our website.


A secure server is used to purchase products or book consultations via the Naked Chemist website. Industry-standard data encryption is used to transmit any personal information you may provide; this includes any credit card details you may give online.

You are referred to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). You can ensure this is active by looking for the padlock symbol on many web browsers.

SSL allows a secure connection between your web browser and our web server, using a private key to ensure this information is encrypted.

This encryption will provide more excellent consumer protection than offline credit card payments.


E-Commerce Security

We use a PCI Compliant third-party payment gateway, Wind cave, to process online credit card and account2account transactions.

We don’t collect or store your credit card or bank details online.

Your credit card transactions are processed online in real-time, and industry-standard security standards protect them.

Click here to review the Windcave privacy and security policy.