Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller

CEO / founder

“Skincare is more than superficial; it’s an opportunity to renew and heal.”

Growing up, I struggled with eczema and psoriasis, which greatly affected my confidence. When I think back to that time, my overwhelming memory was one of fear and frustration. I’d wake each morning and wonder how my skin would react that day. Keeping my condition under control was a daily struggle.

Sick of being a constant brand-hopper, I began to educate myself on skincare ingredients and their effects. After identifying and eliminating irritating ingredients, my skin began to heal.

This sparked my passion for skin health, leading to a 25-year career in finding effective beauty solutions. When I could not find skincare for my clients’ various conditions, I created my own range using natural ingredients.

The driving force behind the range stems from my clinical practice and direct experience working with many diverse skin types and conditions. My vision today remains the same as it was when I started out on this journey: to create beautiful products people trust, made from natural, clean ingredients. So you can reclaim control over your skin and confidence.

Now, it’s your turn to benefit from my years of research and development. On this website and through the free ebooks and consultation process, ifshould you require it, you’ll find the answers to all your skin questions. Together, we’ll transform your skin through natural, science-based skincare.

Everyone deserves beautiful skin, and I promise to guide you there.

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