Step by step guide for combination skin

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Dear Combination Skin

You are a unique blend, presenting oiliness in some areas and dryness in others—a delicate interplay influenced by genetics, hormones, and environmental factors alongside overactive oil glands. The contrast between your oily T-zone and the gradually diminishing oiliness across your cheeks reminds you of the need for equilibrium. Attaining this balance is crucial; excessive oil production can result in daily shine, clogged pores, and breakouts, while insufficient oil can lead to dry, irritated patches. Balancing these opposing skin types might initially seem daunting. However, maintaining your equilibrium becomes more attainable with the correct information and suitable products.

Understanding and catering to your unique needs will pave the way for a harmonious and well-managed complexion.

Step 1

Step 1: Embrace healthier habits

Let’s work towards balancing your equilibrium with these steps

Customisation is Key

In areas where you’re excessively oily, we need to use gel-based formulas to balance the flow of sebum. Conversely, cream-based products should be applied in dry areas to nourish and replenish those areas.

Addressing Breakouts

Spot treat breakouts and blemishes in your T-zone to prevent irritation in drier areas. Avoid picking at blemishes, as this can increase the risk of infection and potential scarring.

Cleanse Correctly

Given combinations of skin’s diverse nature, a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser is essential to maintain the skin’s natural oils without upsetting your protective barrier or causing further imbalance. Oil-based cleansers will help to maintain this balance and prevent the overproduction of oil in the T zone.

Maintain the Moisture Balance

Paradoxically, oiliness in specific areas can often signal skin dehydration. Ensuring adequate hydration is key to regulating oil production, contributing to a more balanced and harmonious complexion.

Embrace a gentle skincare routine

Harsh ingredients can upset your skin’s equilibrium, resulting in dryness in some areas and excessive oiliness in others, particularly noticeable in the T-zone.

Step 2: Introduce these balancing products

Miracle Cleanse

This natural, gentle, oil-based cleanser not only cleanses but also safeguards your skin’s natural oils, preserving a healthy, balanced complexion.

H20 Hydrating skin shot

Rediscover your skin’s youthful vitality with this refreshing hydration boost that quenches dehydrated skin, providing a continuous veil of moisture. Packed with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, it draws moisture deep into your skin’s layers, effectively balancing oil, improving surface dryness and fine lines and enhancing overall firmness.

B+ niacinamide Skin Shot

B+ is expertly crafted to balance oil flow, refine pores, and diminish daily shine, creating a more radiant complexion. It is ideal for achieving a glowing skin tone, reducing dark spots, and addressing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). B+ is perfectly tailored to balance oil flow, refine your pores, and reduce daily shine for a more radiant complexion.

Clarify Calm & Balance Gel

Clarify is carefully formulated to address oily skin concerns, balancing oil levels and soothing inflammation. Infused with powerful antimicrobial properties, it eliminates bacterial sources while offering a luxuriously hydrating and balancing humectant-rich base, delivering a balanced and harmonious experience for your skin.

Fortify Barrier Repair Cream

Fortify provides a deeply nourishing solution for the drier areas of your combination skin. Infused with an optimal ratio of ceramides, lipids, and cholesterol similar to those naturally found in your skin, it strengthens your skin’s natural defences and restores the ideal lipid balance.

Xcell Barreir Repair oil

Formulated to reinforce a compromised barrier, the synergistic blend of ceramides and antioxidants initiates a healing response, calming and soothing inflammation and redness. This prompts a return to a harmonious equilibrium, fostering healing and restoring the skin’s natural balance.

Step 3: The fun part – pick your products

  • FORTIFY | Barrier Repair Cream

    Fortify Barrier Repair Cream

    $ 30.51
    • NZD: NZD 50.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 46.14
    • GBP: £ 24.01
    • EUR: € 28.19
    • SGD: S$ 41.20
    • MYR: RM 143.72
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  • BIO | Lipid Complex

    XCELL Barrier Repair Skin Shot

    $ 27.46
    • NZD: NZD 45.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 41.53
    • GBP: £ 21.61
    • EUR: € 25.37
    • SGD: S$ 37.08
    • MYR: RM 129.35
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  • MIRACLE | Cleansing Dew

    Miracle Cleanse

    $ 23.80
    • NZD: NZD 39.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 35.99
    • GBP: £ 18.73
    • EUR: € 21.99
    • SGD: S$ 32.13
    • MYR: RM 112.10
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  • DNA | Age Delay Complex

    DNA Age Delay Skin Shot

    $ 35.39
    • NZD: NZD 58.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 53.52
    • GBP: £ 27.85
    • EUR: € 32.70
    • SGD: S$ 47.79
    • MYR: RM 166.72
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  • CERAMIDE | Barrier Repair Balm

    Barrier Repair Balm

    $ 35.39
    • NZD: NZD 58.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 53.52
    • GBP: £ 27.85
    • EUR: € 32.70
    • SGD: S$ 47.79
    • MYR: RM 166.72
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  • Barrier Repair Duo

    $ 46.68
    • NZD: NZD 76.50
    • AUD: AUD$ 70.60
    • GBP: £ 36.74
    • EUR: € 43.13
    • SGD: S$ 63.03
    • MYR: RM 219.89
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  • B+ | Niacinamide Complex

    B+ Niacinamide Skin Shot

    $ 37.83
    • NZD: NZD 62.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 57.22
    • GBP: £ 29.77
    • EUR: € 34.95
    • SGD: S$ 51.08
    • MYR: RM 178.21
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  • A+ | Retinoid Complex

    A+ Retinol Skin Shot

    $ 41.49
    • NZD: NZD 68.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 62.75
    • GBP: £ 32.66
    • EUR: € 38.34
    • SGD: S$ 56.03
    • MYR: RM 195.46
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  • GLO | Antioxidant Skin Shot

    GLO Lactic Acid Skin Shot

    $ 47.60
    • NZD: NZD 78.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 71.98
    • GBP: £ 37.46
    • EUR: € 43.98
    • SGD: S$ 64.27
    • MYR: RM 224.20
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  • EQUILIBRIUM | Balancing Gel Moisturiser

    Clarify-pH Balancing Gel

    $ 33.56
    • NZD: NZD 55.00
    • AUD: AUD$ 50.76
    • GBP: £ 26.41
    • EUR: € 31.01
    • SGD: S$ 45.32
    • MYR: RM 158.09
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