How I healed Keratosis Pilaris (Small Bumps on the Arms)

I started noticing small bumps on my arms; initially, they didn’t bother me. However, my skin soon became rough, dry and itchy. I consulted a dermatologist who diagnosed the condition as keratosis pilaris and recommended a medicated cream. Worryingly, the cream seemed to thin my skin; frustrated, I started to explore natural alternatives. These are […]READ MORE

An Estheticans Guide to Treating Keratosis Pilaris Under Eyes

Keratosis’ is the Latin word for too much keratin, and ‘pilaris’ means hair. Are you worried about those small bumps under your eyes? Bumps that look like pimples but are slightly different? Chances are they could be keratosis pilaris. Despite being harmless, these tiny bumps can make you feel self-conscious. So join us as we […]READ MORE

A Complete Keratosis Pilaris Guide for Your Smoothest Skin Yet

Are you plagued by hundreds of tiny bumps on your body? That aren’t quite pimples or ingrown hairs? Hello and welcome to the world of keratosis pilaris. Referred to as ‘chicken skin’, it is characterised by tiny raised bumps. It can be an absolute confidence crusher and a cause for self-consciousness. That’s why we put […]READ MORE
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4 Ingredients That Will Treat Your Keratosis Pillaris for Good

Keratosis refers to a build-up of skin Pilaris refers to the hair portion of the skin Which equals a build-up of skin in your hair follicles Do you feel like the queen of bumpy skin? Maybe you have read every Reddit thread on keratosis pilaris? Or perhaps you’ve tried every DIY recipe under the sun? […]READ MORE