Why sea water is good for your skin, the mini living aquarium

The Secret Sea Water Beauty Tips of Mermaids

Sea water is very similar in structure to our body’s internal environment

Are you someone who enjoys swimming in the ocean?

Then you may wonder if saltwater is good for your skin, and if so does it offer any benefits?

Or maybe you are concerned it’s bad for you, and to drying?

So join us as we dive deep excuse the pun, and explore the underwater beautifying benefits from the sea.

Is seawater beneficial for your skin?

First, we need to get a bit technical, so bear with us.

The human body is made up of 80% water. Our vital body fluids include lymph, which is known as blood plasma, and interstitial fluid, a solution that surrounds and bathes our cells.

Interestingly, this fluid and human plasma have the same mineral structure and concentration as seawater – which contains many vitamins, amino acids, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and sulfur. So in some respects, we are like a mini, living aquarium

Seawater is easily assimilated into the skin and can help to replenish lost nutrients, which help recharge the body – Internally, we have our own mini interior sea, where our cells are being constantly nourished and reproduced.

It’s also interesting to note that seawater and blood plasma have a nearly identical chemical composition in terms of mineral and trace element levels.

Seawater is so close to the body’s internal environment, that if white blood cells are removed from the body and placed in a sterile diluted seawater solution, they are able to maintain normal cell function—this is the only solvent that will accommodate continued cellular activity. Pretty incredible right?.

Benefits of sea water, the facts

  • the salt in the water helps to keep our skin free of toxins
  • sea water contains around 80 important elements that are found in the body
  • the high magnesium content found in seawater helps to lock moisture in the skin’s tissue; improving hydration
  • sea water has natural antiseptic properties, it is very healing and repairing which is due to the potassium chloride and salt found in the water
  • sea water is rich in micro-organisms, that have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, helping to keep skin healthy

Historically, the therapeutic effects of bathing in mineral-rich waters have been recorded for centuries – or at least since Hippocrates proclaimed the curative powers of soaking in natural hot springs. Today this is known as thalassotherapy – a form of spa therapy, that is said to restore and remineralize the body, where special marine water pools are specifically charged with mineral water to bathe in.

Does Saltwater Help With Breakouts?

Saltwater has natural antiseptic drying agents like sulfur, a mineral that is often used in blemish treatments to dry blemishes. Sulfur is one such ingredient that is used in Resq our anti-blemish complex, that targets breakouts at the source.

If you are prone to breakouts, a swim in the ocean may just heal these up for you; especially if you suffer from acne on your back, which is difficult to reach in order to correctly treat, seawater can really improve this.


So is sea water good for your skin? or should you avoid it at all costs?

You can now see it has a real affinity with your skin and has some amazing benefits, especially for oily skin prone to breakouts.

If your keen to continue on the subject of all things sea – the article on the beautifying benefits of seaweed you may find of interest.

On a final note, ever wondered why those usually shy, retiring mermaids love to sit on rocks taking in that sea air? It’s because the spray from the air is full of hydrogen ions, these ions have strong antioxidants, which help to stop the dance of destruction in the skin created by free radicals.

The beauty secret that all Merfolk don’t want us to know, is that inhaling action of the sea mist that will help to slow down the hands of time, it improves the health of every organ and cell within the body, giving your skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Seriously, no wonder mermaids keep all this information under wraps and now that you’re privy to this knowledge, we know you’ll be adorning your bathing suit in no time at all.

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