Yesterday we uncovered the skin loving benefits of seaweed.

But did you know, that sea water also has a real affinity with the skin,

Read on, to uncover some secret sea water beauty tips.

Benefits of Sea Water

The human body is made up of 80% water,

Our vital body fluids include lymph, which is known as blood plasma and interstitial fluid, a solution that surrounds and bathes our cells.

Interestingly, this fluid and human plasma has the same mineral structure and concentration as sea water.

So in some respects we are like a mini living aquarium

Seawater is easily assimilated into the skin and can help to replenish lost nutrients, which help recharge the body.

Internally we have our own mini interior sea, where our cells are being constantly nourished and reproduced.

Sea Water Facts

  • The salt in the water, helps to keep our skin free of toxins
  • Sea water contains around 80 important elements, that are found in the body
  • The high magnesium content found in sea water, helps to lock moisture in the skins tissue improving hydration
  • Sea water has natural antiseptic properties, it is very healing and repairing which is due to the potassium chloride and salt found in the water
  • The sea is rich in micro-organisms, that have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, helping to keep skin healthy

Why Mermaids Like Sea Water

Ever wondered why, these usually shy retiring mermaids love to sit on rocks taking in that sea air?

Well its because the spray from the air is full of  hydrogen ions, that are negatively charged.

These ions have strong antioxidants, which help to stop the dance of destruction in the skin created by free radicals.

So the beauty secret that all Merfolk don’t want us to know….

Is that INHALING sea mist will help to SLOW down the hands of time,

It improves the health of every organ and cell within the body, giving the skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Seriously no wonder mermaids keep all this information under wraps,

Now that your privy to this knowledge, we know you’ll be adorning you’re bathing suit in no time at all. x

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