Traditional Thai Massage

I have been fortunate enough to train at the famous WatPo.

The Thai massage temple in Bangkok.

It was a wonderful opportunity to learn this ancient treatment first hand.

Traditional Thai massage, is one of the most important aspects of the Asian spa regime.

It works on the philosophy that energy circulates within the body; this energy is known as ‘Prana’.

If the flow of energy becomes restricted or blocked, illness or disease may occur, which can manifest itself within the body, both physically and emotionally.

The aim of Thai massage is to clear these blockages, allowing the energy to flow naturally along the meridian lines.


Traditional Thai massage uses pressure on specific points and yoga like stretches.

These moves help to relieve muscular stress and tension, stretching the muscle fibres, improving the range of motion in the body.

There are many benefits of Thai massage:

  • Promotes a feeling of well being
  • Improves energy levels
  • Center’s the mind and body
  • Increases flexibility and range of movement
  • Aids in stress relief and induces relaxation
  • Offers pain relief from aching and sore muscles

Thai Massage Technique

Before a treatment commences, the practitioner begins the session with ‘Puja’, this involves a moment of centering and connecting.

This technique helps to slow down respiration through controlled breathing, bringing the body, mind and spirit into a state of harmony.

During the massage the client is fully clothed, no oils are used, only pressure from the practitioner’s arms, knees, feet, thumbs and fingers.

The practitioner intuitively knows where to press and kneed, in order to relieve muscle tension.

The technique involves stretching and deep massage, its methodology is all about releasing muscles and penetrating deep into the tissue.

Stretching of the neck and body is also carried out, this helps to release toxins from the blood.

This form of acupressure helps to detoxify the body, stimulating the lymphatic system and releasing lymphatic acid, cleansing the body of waste.

Traditional Thai massage is a really holistic treatment that has many wonderful health benefits.

A balancing, meditative workout for the body, mind and soul.

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