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The Science Behind Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Here at NC, we focus on ingredients that are aimed at skin health.

Not dehydration, flakiness, inflammation, or anti-aging.

Just healthy skin that looks and feels its best.

We believe that if everything is in working order, your dry skin will balance itself out.

Whilst that may sound good in theory, how do you put that into practice?

Our recommendation is to take your skincare back to basics; we’ve already covered cleansing.

So let’s look at the next important step of adding nourishing moisturization.

The Importance Role of your Skin’s Barrier

Bear with us as we get a little technical here, because, to understand how a well-formulated moisturizer works on your skin, you have to have a basic understanding of the physiology of the skin layers.

Skin is intriguing; it comprises many components: The outermost layer looks like a brick wall – imagine the cells as bricks and the lipids or oils between the cells create the mortar.

These important lipids determine the effectiveness of the protection of the skin, if this gets out of balance, your skin becomes, dry, dehydrated, rough, and inflamed and is more susceptible to the penetration of foreign substances, which allows irritants to enter, which can lead to serious skin conditions.

For this reason, it is important to maintain the natural protection, using a good barrier cream to avoid the breakdown of these components, when your skin’s protective barrier is intact, your skin’s ability to hold its natural hydration works effectively – skin is happy, healthy and balanced.

What Constitutes a good MoisturiZer for Dry Skin?

A moisturizer for dry skin needs to be used as a repair and preventative treatment, that will help to maintain the barrier function.

Ideally, it should contain a composition that resembles the membrane structure of the epidermis; ingredients such as urea, amino acids, glycerin, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid, triglycerides, phospholipids, lactic acid, ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, are all naturally found within your skin and can deplete with age, or from using harsh products or treatments.

It makes sense to use a well-formulated moisturizer that contains a number of these ingredients, which will help to replenish a deficient skin, which is essentially what a dry skin is – a skin type that is lacking in all-important fatty acids, lipids, ceramides, and cholesterol.

Many of our products contain skin-identical ingredients, specifically Fortify barrier repair cream, Bio lipid complex and Ceramide repair balm – each of these has been carefully formulated to help you relieve your dry, irritated, inflamed skin.

The careful selection of ingredients within the formulas helps to alleviate any dry skin concerns you may have, increasing the cohesion of the cells of the outer layer of skin to rebuild your barrier function, and keep your skins intercellular matrix healthy, thus reducing inflammation, roughness, and scaling, to reveal supple, plump, and youthful skin. Check out our dry skin kit for more information.

The benefits of a moisturizer for a dry skin

Protecting: They should strengthen your skin, filling the gaps between the cell walls, repairing the barrier function.

Hydrating: Many moisturizers contain water-binding agents known as humectants, they replace and bind water to the tissues of your skin preventing dehydrated skin conditions

Anti-inflammatory: Irritation, redness, and inflammation is a common side effect of very dry skin, a well-formulated moisturizer will consider this and contain ingredients that will calm skin cells, encouraging your skin to recover quickly from flare-ups

Stimulating: A natural moisturizer that contains active, gentle ingredients such as ceramides and Coenzyme Q10, will reprogram skin cells, encouraging intercellular communication, which boosts your skins normal functions into action.


The texture of your skin, how it looks and feels, and the climate you live in, will certainly influence your choice of moisturizer.

It would help if you also considered that we are all metabolically different, so it may take some trial and error before you can find a formula you are happy with.

But keep persevering, become your own label detective and really listen to your skin, use a good skincare routine, and use well thought out products, over time you will see a positive difference in your skin.

Did you know that a moisturiser for dry skin should contain all important occlusive? If you’d like to find out about these barrier restoring ingredients, then the following article may be of interest to you.

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