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Glossary Articles on Dry Skin

Everyone has a skin type.

If you have dry skin, you’d think it would be pretty simple, right? Wrong! Especially if you wake up, with your skin feeling like it is one size too small.

Or maybe you feel like your skin requires thick, hydrating creams to keep your skin feeling normal, then you do probably belong right here.

Tightness? Flaking? Hello and welcome to your dry skin. It just feels uncomfortable well, all of the time.

Because there are so many concerns about this skin type, it needs more than one article to help you sort it out.

So join us – as we tackle all your  dry skin woes head-on, in the following articles.

Dry skin articles

What causes dry skin

Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Treating dry skin on the face

Dry Skin Treatment Advice

Face Moisturizer

Common causes of dry skin

Formulating for a dry skin

What causes inflammation

Is facial rejuvenation possible?

The role of moisturizers for dry skin

Occlusive ingredients

Dry skin around the eyes

Natural skin moisturizer

Ingredients for dry skin

Skincare routine for dry skin

Emollient ingredients

Lipid ingredients

Dehydrated skin articles

Dehydrated skin

Clear skin difference


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