Top 20 Fascinating Face Facts

Top 20 Fascinating Face Facts

The beauty of the human face, with its potential to reveal and conceal
It discloses essential features of the human race
Its ability to inspire love and motivate acts of utter deception
Marks it as a subject of unending interest and complexity.

Beauty – it may be in the eye of the beholder, but your face is what makes you ‘You’.

It’s an awesome landscape of skin, muscles and expressions.

A unique combination of features and colours that is unlike any other person.

It reveals a lot about who you are, what you are thinking and feeling and your intentions.

Whilst we don’t often give our face much thought, it is one of the most complex structures of the human anatomy.

Your face contains a total of 14 bones, 40 muscles, and 32 teeth.

Without which you could not eat, speak, communicate, express feelings, or kiss.

So join me for a few fun facts that you can learn, to put your best face forward.


  1. It takes 11 muscles to frown
  2. It takes 12 facial muscles for a genuine smile.
  3. We are capable of making 10,000 unique facial expressions.
  4. There are 6 universal facial expressions; Happy, sad, angry, disgusted, surprised afraid
  5. True happiness is revealed in our eyes, true sadness is revealed in the muscles of our chin
  6. Sincere expressions are more symmetrical than insincere ones.
  7. There are 21 mimetic facial muscles – the only muscles in your body directly attached to your skin – that create your expressions.
  8. We regularly flash micro-expressions that last less than 1/25th of a second. This is why our facial emotions flash by so quickly.
  9. it is almost impossible to fake the muscle movements of the top half area around our eyes, proving a genuine smile really does light up our eyes.
  10. We can consciously manipulate muscles of the mouth to smile, pretending we are happy.
  11. The masseter the muscle we use to chew is the strongest muscle in the human body. It is capable of pulling up to 80 times its own weight!
  12. Just like the rest of your body, if you exercise your facial muscles, it will tone and firm them. Giving them a lift; adding volume to reduce sagging.
  13. Those cheeky dimples are inherited as a family trait and are caused by a shortened muscle. When a person smiles, the muscles pull across the skin, revealing a dimple.
  14. We have 19 types of smiles which fall into two categories: polite “social” smiles which engage fewer muscles, and sincere “felt” smiles use more muscles on both sides of the face
  15. Our face is made up of 14 bones
  16. The only bone section that can move is the mandible, the jaw bone.
  17. Our ears and nose are made from a bendy flexible tissue called cartilage.
  18. As we age, our nose lengthens and drops downwards, and our ears never stop growing
  19. Ageing causes us to lose bone mass, including the bones in our face, meaning our face really does shrink as we age
  20. Lips are red due to the number of tiny capillaries that are just below our skin’s surface; blood in the capillaries contains oxygen, which creates the colour red

And finally, did you know that your face uses 50% more muscles to frown than to smile?

Which, in my opinion, is a great reason to save energy and smile more.

3 thoughts on “Top 20 Fascinating Face Facts

  1. Binky Melnik says:

    Regarding #12: Noooo! Exercising facial muscles is the cause of wrinkles! Repetitively contractng the facial muscles makes ‘em wrinkly (see crow’s feet, the wrinkle between your eyebrows, the lines caused by pursing your lips when you smoke, deep nasolabial folds from smiling). Unfortunately, the best way to avoid wrinkles (aside from sunscreen) is not to move your face at all. ? (Watch the Kardashian’s family: they’ve mastered this. All are largely expressionless.) All the whacky facial exercise programs are terribly misguided, as any dermatologist will tell you.

    • Emily says:

      Orofacial myologists give facial and oral exercises which tone the muscles and give a younger appearance – can further define jawline and cheekbones – highly recommend. Can also affect other health issues for the better such as helping to keep teeth straight and tidy

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