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Glossary of Hair Articles

Lightening shampoos, bleaching agents and processed dyes.

Most of us have had exposure to these chemicals on our hair, at some time or another.

But did you know, one of the fastest ways for chemicals to enter the bloodstream is through the hair shaft? It’ss a scary thought that few of us truly consider!

Because we love all things mother nature, we have turned my attention away from the skin to hair, to look at how to achieve great colour naturally.

With the help of botanical herbs taken directly from nature, that won’t compromise your health.

Hair articles

Natural blonde hair bombshell recipes

Natural blonde hair recipes

Natures answer to blonde hair colour

Red hair dye, courtesy of mother nature

Henna recipes

How to dye grey hair

Light brown hair dye

Natural hair colour ideas

How to dye your hair with herbs

Dry shampoo

Organic shampoo ingredients

Sulfate-free shampoo

Homemade hair treatments

Best natural shampoo

Coconut oil is perfect for hair

Best shampoo and conditioner


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