Henna Recipes

Gentlemen may prefer blondes
But it takes a real man to handle a redhead

Henna gives you the chance to be really creative.

Taking your hair, from brunette to bright red in minutes.

Bright Red Hair

If its vivid red you’re wanting, this is the recipe for you, it will turn your blonde hair bright red.

Brunettes can expect to go deep auburn, whilst all you girls with black hair, can expect to go a hint of purple, for a bit of fun.


  • 4 tbsp Henna powder
  • Hot Water
  • Glass Bowl
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Plastic Bag


  • Before you begin, please note this mixture should be applied to dry hair
  • First add the Henna to a bowl and add hot water to the mixture, until this forms a thick paste
  • Make sure the mixture is not so thin that it will drip, it needs to be thick enough to spread on the hair
  • With your gloves apply the mixture all over the hair, from the root all the way down the hair shaft, as you would with a traditionally hair dye, make sure you leave no hair untouched
  • Once the hair is covered with paste cover it with a plastic bag, twist the bag up and tie under chin
  • Next cover with a towel, to help the process
  • Leave for 30 minutes occasionally checking the hair strands to see how processed the hair is, don’t keep the dye on the hair any longer thAn an hour
  • Remove the plastic, then shampoo the hair and condition as normal

Applying Henna Red Streaks


  • 2 tbsp Henna Powder
  • Hot water
  • Glass bowl
  • Gloves
  • Aluminium foil
  • Plastic bag


With this recipe it is important that you don’t wash your hair first!

  • Place 2 tbsp of Henna powder in a glass bowl
  • Next add enough hot water to the powder to create a thick, almost sticky paste
  • Put on the gloves and add the paste to the hair, where you want the streaks to appear
  • Wrap the strips in aluminium foil and firmly twist them in place
  • It is really important, that you completely cover every strand of the hair with foil, this will prevent the colour from spreading
  • Leave the foil on the hair for 45 minutes, occasionally check the hair to make sure the colour has processed. If the colour hasn’t taken after 45 minutes, leave for a further 10 minutes, but no longer
  • Finally remove the foils and immediately shampoo, then condition as normal and towel dry
  • If the Henna is not the desired colour, you can always re apply next time

Henna Hair Wash

This will give your hair a nice pink hue, and is ideal for mousy brown or mousey brown hair.


  • 2 tbsp of Henna
  • 3 Cups hot water
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Wooden spoon


  • First warm the water in a stove
  • Put the Henna powder into a bowl and add the hot water
  • Stir thoroughly with a spoon until all the colour is fully mixed, the water should be pink in colour
  • Next shampoo the hair and use the mixture as a rinse, slowly pour over the hair completely covering every area
  • Finally shake out the excess water and wring until dry

So there you have it, three great Henna recipes, to take you from dull to daring red in no time at all.

It is important to note, these recipes are using completely natural Henna dye,

Not the commercial store bought type.

This is a great article on henna, which looks at the herb in more detail.

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