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Achieve Glossy Locks with Henna Recipes

Gentlemen may prefer blondes.
But it takes a real man to handle a redhead.

Do you dream about having luscious, glossy locks

but worry about the toll chemical dyes could take on your hair?

Ones that enhances your hairs beauty while also nourishing it from root to tip.

Henna emerges as a shining star.

With its rich history and proven benefits, henna offers a natural solution to achieve stunning red hues without compromising hair health.

Join us as we delve into the world of henna recipes, where vibrant red shine awaits.

Understanding Henna 

This is a natural dye derived from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant, also known as the henna tree.

Renowned for its centuries-old tradition of adorning skin and hair, henna offers a vibrant colour and many health benefits.

One of henna’s attributes is its antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a popular choice for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Beyond its dyeing capabilities, henna is vital in maintaining scalp health by restoring pH balance and regulating oil production, promoting overall hair wellness.

Traditionally, henna recipes yield a distinctive orange-red tone when applied to hair. However, its versatility extends far beyond this singular shade.

By blending henna with complementary herbs such as cassia, varying tones can be achieved, ranging from lighter hues like ginger and copper. Similarly, adding indigo opens a spectrum of darker tones, including chestnut, mahogany, browns, and even blacks.

Strand Testing

Conducting a strand test is essential before attempting a complete application of your henna recipes. This preliminary step provides insight into how the dye will interact with your hair and offers a preview of the final result.

Adjustments can be made to ensure the perfect shade by carefully monitoring the colour development over two days.

Henna Recipes

Bright Red Hair

If you want bright, fiery hair, this is the recipe for you—it will turn your blonde hair bright red, brunettes can expect to go deep auburn, and all you folks with black hair can expect to get a hint of burgundy for a bit of fun.


  • 4 tbsp henna powder
  • hot water
  • glass bowl
  • plastic gloves
  • plastic bag
  • 1 applicator


  1. Before you begin, please note this mixture should be applied to dry hair.
  2. First, add the henna to a bowl and hot water to the mix until this forms a thick paste.
  3. Ensure the mix is not so thin that it will drip; it needs to be thick enough to spread on your hair.
  4. With your gloves on, apply the mixture all over your hair, from the root down the hair shaft, as you would with a traditional hair dye. Make sure you leave no hair untouched.
  5. Once your hair is coated with the paste, cover it with a plastic bag or a shower cap.
  6. Next, cover it with a towel to help the process.
  7. Leave for 30 minutes, occasionally checking the hair strands to see how processed your hair is. Don’t keeDon’t dye your hair for any longer than an hour.
  8. Remove the plastic, then s ampoo your hair and condition as usual.

Henna Streaks


  • 2 tbsp henna powder
  • hot water
  • glass bowl
  • gloves
  • aluminium foil
  • plastic bag
  • 1 applicator


With this recipe, you must NOT wash your hair first:

  1. Place 2 tbsp of henna powder in a glass bowl.
  2. Next, add enough hot water to the powder to create a thick, almost sticky paste.
  3. Put on the gloves and add the paste to your hair where you want your streaks to appear.
  4. Wrap the strips in aluminium foil and firmly twist them in place
  5. It would be best to completely cover every strand of the hair with foil, preventing the colour from spreading.
  6. Leave the foil on your hair for 45 minutes, occasionally checking to ensure the colour has been processed. If it hasn’t after 45 minutes, leave for a further 10 minutes, but no longer.
  7. Finally, remove the foils and immediately shampoo, then condition as usual and towel dry.
  8. You can constantly re-apply next time if the henna is not the desired colour.

Henna Hair Wash Recipes

This will give your hair a lovely pink hue and is ideal for mousey brown hair, giving it a lovely glossy shine.


  • 2 tbsp of henna
  • 3 cups hot water
  • ceramic bowl
  • wooden spoon
  • 1 applicator


  1. First, warm the water in a stove
  2. Put the henna powder into a bowl and add the hot water
  3. Stir thoroughly with a spoon until all the colour is fully mixed; the water should be pink in colour
  4. Next, shampoo the hair and use the mixture as a rinse. Slowly pour over the hair, completely covering every area
  5. Finally, shake out the excess water and wring until dry

Exploring the Spectrum

There are many creative henna recipes and dyeing techniques where you can embark on a vibrant journey from dark ginger to luxurious burgundy.

Offering a spectrum of shades that evoke warmth and depth, henna dyeing allows you to express your creativity while nourishing your hair naturally.

1. Crafting Cooper Tones

Copper tones offer a radiant option for those craving a touch of fiery allure. Achieving this hue is as simple as leaving henna on your hair for an hour. Experiment with different liquid bases, such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or chamomile tea, to perfect your shade.

2. Embracing Dark Ginger

Delve into the rich warmth of dark ginger by allowing henna to work its magic for 2-3 hours. Opt for Jam la henna powder for optimal results. The depth and intensity of this hue may eliminate the need for repeat applications, though periodic root touch-ups can help maintain its brilliance.

3. Reveling in Deep Reds

Patience is key for those yearning for a deeper, more sultry red. Leaving the henna on for at least 4 to 6 hours will yield a luscious crimson hue. If you leave the henna on overnight, it will be even deeper.

To conclude. The naked truth

In a world where chemical dyes often compromise hair health, henna is a beacon of hope for those seeking vibrant, luscious locks.

With the henna recipes shared here, you can bid farewell to dull hair days and embrace the rich red shine henna provides.

Remember, these natural solutions not only deliver stunning results but also nurture your hair, ensuring its long-term health and vitality.

So why wait? Step into the world of henna and let your hair radiate with beauty and brilliance naturally.

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