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My Microneedling Treatment is one of Inflammation and Regret (Case study)

Picture of women with her skin before microneedling very damaged and then healed

My journey with microneedling was quite different from what I expected.

I had heard about this wonder treatment that promised to heal imperfections, so I was intrigued.

However, my experience was far from the ideal one you often hear about.

Microneedling ruined my skin, and I encountered various issues during and after microneedling.

This includes inflammation, irritation, track marks, and scabbing.

My skin condition left me worried about how it would react each morning.

It was certainly not the smooth journey to perfect skin I had envisioned.

A Little About Me

I’m in my mid-20s, and I’m someone who regularly gets facials.

My aesthetician advocated microneedling and assured me it was a low-risk treatment with minimal downtime. I trusted her recommendation and decided to give it a try.

My Consultation Procedure

The consultation process was relatively brief. We discussed different treatment options and settled on derma stamp microneedling with PRP.

Surprisingly, no before-and-after photos were taken, and I received no advice on preparing my skin before the procedure.

On the day of the treatment, everything seemed to go smoothly, and my skin initially responded well.

However, a few days later, I woke up to an angry, inflamed face. The swelling and horizontal track marks on my skin had worsened.

In hindsight, if I had been better informed about the potential side effects and what to expect, my experience might have been different.

A thorough consultation and proper preparation ensure a successful microneedling treatment. Both professionals and clients must be well-informed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

My Post-Microneedling Aftercare Journey

In hindsight, the importance of aftercare was not well-explained to me during my consultation. It’s something I wish had been discussed more thoroughly.

Samantha, from the Naked Chemist, emphasised the significance of pre-consultation and proper microneedling processes, which could have made a significant difference in my outcome. Surprisingly, microneedling is even allowed as an at-home treatment.

Here’s why it’s a critical issue: microneedling disrupts the protective barrier function of your skin and throws off the balance of the microflora that constitutes the acid mantle, responsible for maintaining the skin’s healthy pH.

Due to the vulnerability of our skin following this treatment, it becomes susceptible to various conditions if not treated and cared for correctly.

In the aftermath of my treatment, I developed folliculitis, and even after five days, the track marks were still glaringly visible, and my skin showed no signs of healing.

My skin condition was a cause for concern, and I was prescribed Doxycycline to address it.

In search of answers and support, I began my research and stumbled upon an article on the Naked Chemist’s website titled “Microneedling Beware.” I was shocked to find many comments from people who had experienced similar outcomes. I felt like microneedling had wreaked havoc on my skin.

Desperate for help, I reached out to Samantha and her team. They asked me to send in some photos for assessment. Samantha responded, delivering a candid evaluation of the state of my skin.

On a scale from one to ten, with ten being severe, she rated the health of my skin at an alarming 8. This revelation was deeply disheartening.

The Reasons Behind My Skin’s Reaction

Samantha provided insights into why my skin reacted the way it did.

Firstly, it could have been the products applied to my skin. After my microneedling with PRP, a mask was used.

I have since learned that nothing but a saline solution or pure hyaluronic acid should have been applied to seal my skin, preventing it from being exposed to potential sources of infection.

Secondly, I wasn’t given a comprehensive consultation during treatment. Without a thorough consultation, I would never have known if I was an ideal candidate for microneedling.

Thirdly, the depth of the needles used was a concern. Samantha questioned using 1.2mm needles around my eyes, as this depth is too extreme for the delicate eye area.

Fourthly, my skin likely became infected during the treatment. Samantha suspected a granuloseum infection and advised me to consult with a dermatologist. I was also put on Bactrim when a bump developed on my cheek, and my physician was concerned it could be Staphylococcus.

Upon revisiting the clinic, they suggested that I may have had Staphylococcus before the treatment. I found it hard to believe, as breakouts had appeared at every puncture site from the treatment.

Samantha recommended several products from the Naked Chemist range to assist in my skin’s healing process.

In addition, I found relief in using a diluted vinegar solution, which I applied to my skin every three hours. The formula was simple: 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water.

This photograph illustrates my microneedling before and after my journey.

To Conclude. The naked truth

Ironically, I underwent microneedling treatment to reverse the signs of ageing, but my skin looked worse after the procedure.

It had the opposite effect, making my lines more prominent and my skin delicate and fragile.

Now, as I fast forward in time, my skin has remarkably recovered. I couldn’t believe how quickly my skin transformed by following the skincare routine and applying the daily tonic suggested by the team at the Naked Chemist.

Upon reflection, I realised that there were several red flags during the treatment process.

The person performing the procedure was a nurse, not an aesthetician, and lacked in-depth skincare knowledge.

While it has been a distressing journey, I’m now on the path to skin healing, thanks to the guidance of the Naked Chemist team.

I want to point out that I haven’t received compensation for sharing my story; no affiliate sales links are involved, and this is not medical advice.

It’s simply an honest account of my journey.

17 thoughts on “My Microneedling Treatment is one of Inflammation and Regret (Case study)

  1. Jess says:

    I’m sorry about your experience. Most of the time I’m never told proper pre/post care unless I’m armed with questions or make my own decisions based from what I see online. As far as the face mask I’ve never gotten a treatment that didn’t use a healing/collagen mask immediately after. Are you saying it was a harsh mask with an active?

  2. Isabelle says:

    I have done home micro needling (cosmetic) 4 times – twice with the Glo Pro and twice with the AnteAge home roller (with growth factors). I was super careful the first two times and then watched a YouTuber showing how she really “went after” her wrinkles on her mouth. So I focused particularly on one side of the mouth (not on the mouth but on the side) and also on the nasolabial folds on one side. I used a mild retinol oil the following night. Ouch! I really damaged myself. I had been using tretinoin without problems for years and now I have significant dryness, redness, and flaky patches just on the area where I was a bit more aggressiveness with the micro needling. The rest of my face is fine but those areas are really damaged. And the one side of my mouth is a rather large area. Whenever I see the flakiness and redness, I take a few days off to heal. And then when I use tretinoin again for more than one day in a row, the redness and flakiness comes back, always just in the areas that were over micro needled. I went to see a dermatologist but he thought that it was eczema (just in the areas where I was a tiny bit overzealous with the micro needling?) . I keep thinking that time and gentle skincare will heal it but it has now been 11 months! and I am starting to think that my skin has been permanently damaged. Is this possible? Any recommendations? Thank you

  3. Aqsa says:

    Hi after my microneedle session I noticed indents on my face. I’ve always had acne scars but this seems like new indents and more noticeable. Please help I’m very worried

  4. Ann says:

    Hi, I am unsure if I have had a very bad microneedling experience- I have track marks all over my face. Please could u advise?

  5. Briana Boanca says:

    I’ve just had RF microneedling done 3 days ago. My face is extremely worrisome to me right now. Can you please help me?

  6. Lauren Metaj says:

    Hi Samantha could I scheduled an appointment with you? How do I contact you? I had a terrible micro-needling experience

  7. Peggy says:

    Thanks for the low down, bad reactions dont always happen, but it is good to know potential problems . An informed patient is an informed customer. There is nothing wrong with making a knowledgeable decision, every patient deserves that.

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