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Microneedling Before and After — Here’s What I Wish I Had known in 2022

Picture of women with her skin before microneedling very damaged and then healed

Inflammation and irritation.

Track marks and scabbing.

Hyperpigmentation and unven texture.

And a fear of waking up in the morning and worrying about how my skin would react that day.

Sadly this was my experience of micro-needling.

A far cry from the wonder treatment that claims to heal imperfections and take years off.

It seems that not everyone is an ideal candidate for professional microneedling treatment.

That was certainly the case with me.

The team at the Naked Chemist reached out to me to see if I would like to share my experience to educate others, which I am happy to do.

This is my microneedling before and after journey with microneedling; you can also read Ashley’s experience here.

First, a little about me

I am in my mids 20’s and have regular facials.

My aesthetician was a keen microneedling enthusiast; and she recommended the treatment, saying it was low risk, with minimal downtime,

I trusted her and was intrigued to give it a go.

My Consultation Procedure

Before my treatment, the various treatment options were discussed with me, and we agreed on derma stamp microneedling with PRP.

No before and after photos were taken, and I was not advised on how to correctly prep my skin beforehand.

Everything went smoothly on the day of my treatment, and my skin responded well.

But fast forward a few days, I woke to my face being angry and inflamed, and the swelling and the track marks that ran horizontally across my face worsened.

I believe that had I been aware of the side effects and what to expect from my consultation and treatment, as discussed in the article dermarolling 101.

I would have been more knowledgeable and realized I was given a very poor consultation, a big red flag, which can mean all the difference between a good outcome and a bad one.

My Aftercare Advice

My aftercare was not well explained when I think back to my consultation.

Samantha from the Naked chemist discussed the importance of pre-consultation and the microneedling process that should have been performed to ensure a positive outcome. I’m amazed it’s even allowed as an at-home treatment.

Why? Because as she explained, this treatment breaks down your skin’s protective barrier function and disrupts the delicate microflora that makes up the acid mantle which keeps our skin’s pH healthy.

Because the integrity of our skin is impaired as a result of this treatment, our skin becomes exposed and vulnerable to whatever it comes into contact with. If not treated correctly, it can lead to a range of unusual conditions appearing, which was the case with me.

After my Treatment

I contracted folliculitis, and after five days, the track marks were still very evident, and my skin was not showing signs of healing.

I was put on Doxycycline and was extremely worried about my skin condition.

I started researching, which is when I came across an article on the Naked Chemist’s website, microneedling beware; there were a lot of comments from people who had a similar outcome as me, which was extremely alarming; I felt like microneedling had ruined my skin.

I reached out to Samantha and her team as I needed support and help with my skin during this time; in the first instance, they asked me to send in some photos so they could assess them at the clinic.

Samantha came back to me and said that she wanted to be completely honest; on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being bad, the health of my skin was sitting at an eight, which was very upsetting.

Why my Skin Reacted in this Way

Samantha explained there were several reasons why I had this outcome.

It could have been due to the products used on my skin: I had microneedling with PRP, but after the treatment, they applied a mask. I have since learned that nothing should have been put on my skin, only saline solution or a pure form of hyaluronic acid, to seal my skin from anything else that may house microbes and potentially cause infection.

I wasn’t given a thorough consultation at the time of treatment: I would never have known if I was contraindicated or not. If you are considering having microneedling but would like to see if you are a suitable candidate.

The needle depth used: Samantha expressed concern about why a 1.2mm was used around my eyes as the needle depth is too deep around this delicate area.

My skin had become infected during the treatment: Samantha suspected I had a granuloseum infection and should see a dermatologist. At this time, I was also put on Bactrum as I developed a bump on my cheek, and my physician was concerned that it could be Staphylococcus.

I went back to the clinic, and they tried to suggest that I had contracted Staphyloccocos before the treatment; I had a hard time believing that because at every puncture site, there was a breakout spread across the areas that I had the treatment.

I was recommended several products from the Naked Chemist range to help with my skin healing, which you can read about here.

Another needle mover in my recovery was using diluted vinegar, and I soaked my skin with it every 3 hours; the formula is straightforward; 1 TBSP of vinegar and 8 ounces of water.

This is my microneedling before and after photo.

To Conclude. The naked truth

It’s ironic. I went into the treatment to turn back time, yet my skin looked worse after microneedling; it had the reverse effect; my lines seemed more defined, and my skin was delicate and fragile.

Fast forward, and my skin is fantastic; I could not believe how quickly my skin turned around after following the skincare routine protocol and applying the daily tonic.

Looking back and after conducting my research, I realize there were a lot of red flags.

The person doing the treatment was a nurse, not an aesthetician, and she didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of the skin.

It has been a distressing time, but now, with the guidance of the team at the Naked Chemist, I am on the journey to skin healing, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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