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Your Complete Resource to Dermaroller and Microneedling, the good, bad and ugly

Are you considering performing a microneedling treatment at home?

Or maybe you have concerns after having a treatment?

Or perhaps you are an esthetician looking for best practices?

Great, then you have come to the right place.

This article will guide you through the pre, during, and post-treatment phases.

We will also discuss best consultation practices, the potential side effects and product usage.

So join us as we delve deep into everything derma roller and micro-needling treatments.

Microneedling guides

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Microneedling beware.

In this article, we explore the side effects of the treatment, such as permanent scarring, premature ageing, and orange peel texture.

We also reference studies where people have ended up with serious granulomatous infections with permanent damage as a result of this treatment.

Case Studies

Ten case studies look at how microneedle can damage the skin.

Since first writing the article “microneedling beware”, we have received over 300 comments and daily emails from people who have had a poor experience.

We put together this article, which documents real-life dermaroller before and after case studies.

Each case study is different and rarely is each treatment outcome the same.

What I wish I had known before having microneedling

In this case study, a client came to us after a poor treatment.

She discusses her skin healing journey and what she wishes she had known before the treatment, which could have determined a better treatment outcome.

My skin needling journey.

What I wish I had known about the risk. This is another case study where our client discusses her treatment journey from consultation to post-treatment.

She looks at how you balance the degree of injury and acceptable downtime for an effective outcome.

The Importance of Correct Treatment

10 Morpheus 8 esthetician tips

Because of the number of people reaching out due to concerning side effects, we put together this handy guide so you are armed with knowledge of pre-treatment to prevent any potential side effects.

Ten dermarolling tips.

This is an excellent resource for anyone considering a micro-needling or dermarolling treatment.

We look at what you should expect pre, during and post-treatment from your dermatologist or medical esthetician.

We also discuss the importance of consultation and how they must perform the dermaroller or microneedling treatment to get the best possible treatment outcome.

Reasons to avoid micro needling at home

In this article, we discuss potential side effects that can occur, from inflammation and premature ageing to the risk of tumour formation.

10 dangerous side effects of Morpheus 8

In this guide, I delve into my industry experience, insights from customer interactions, and extensive research looking at the various risks associated with this skincare treatment.

I examine aspects such as strict hygiene standards and the pitfalls of attempting treatments at home to equip you with the information necessary to protect your skin’s health.

Ingredients to Use

Microneedling and vitamin C

This article discusses why using vitamin C before and after microneedling is not a good combination and is best avoided.

Ingredients to avoid after microneedling.

If you had an invasive treatment on your skin, such as micro needling, laser, or deep peels, you have disrupted the delicate microflora that makes up your acid mantle. Therefore, your protective barrier function and pH may be out of balance.

So, what you use on your skin during barrier penetration is critical, or you may do more harm than good.

This article discusses the challenges around ingredients used during treatment and what you should use on your skin directly after treatment to get the best healing.

Morpheus 8 before and after product guide.

In this article, we explore what products to use on your skin during the three stages of healing, depending on what condition you are treating.

14 replies on “Your Complete Resource to Dermaroller and Microneedling, the good, bad and ugly”

I had Microneedling done two and half weeks ago and my skin is ruined in areas. It made the crepey area of my neck worse and gave me way more wrinkles under my eyes. I’m crushed that I have to deal with this now. I used to look way younger than 44 and now I look older. Be very careful with this procedure. I went to a highly reputable place and had it done by the woman who does my Botox who has a fantastic reputation in Austin.

Hello all, I to have had micro needling and have not seen much improvement in my skin. I do know, that if it is done too deep that it will definitely lead to dehydration, inflammation and breakdown of skin barrier. It has caused light/heat sensitivity, which has also lead to dermatitis.(Itchy, red, rash on nose , forehead cheeks and chin along with my eyebrows) . After a long search for natural remedies I am going to begin to repair my skin barrier from this tool. I am starting Naked Truth barrier repair balm and A.C.E today. My skin could not tolerate any product on the surface, because it would burn and cause more inflammation and redness. I took Sam’s advice and took a break from all product and used a scarf, hat and sunglasses when out. I began to notice a reduction on the burning and redness. I was desperate and even tried full body cryo therapy to assist in reducing the inflammatory response, which did seem to help after 3 sessions. I want to thank Sam for all the wonderful information and correspondence in this difficult time. The beauty industry in America is flooded with so many products and mis advertisement, that I was soon confused, but Sam provided reassurance and hope.. THANK YOU SAM and NAKED TRUTH!

Hi Deb This is a really wonderful review thank you so much, I really appreciate it, for many of us to try to treat our skin in terms of anti ageing or irritaion we keep adding more and more product in a bid to be more youthful or calm our skin but the truth is this adds to more inflammation and premature ageing, stripping back and using skin identical ingredients that have lots of research behind them really is the way forward I believe and I really am with you with skin needling. Thankyou once again for this AMAZING review. Samantha

I personally have had really great results with microneedling. I have been able to completely eliminate my fine lines on my forehead and between my brows. I haven’t really noticed too much changes else where but I find it hard to measure anti aging benefits unless of course there are noticeable lines in the skin originally.

I agree with Nate. I’ve had dermaneedling done in the past with great results. But then I messed up my skin w/Retin A overuse. But anyway, have you seen Dr. Des Fernandes lately? He invented needling and he’s needled his own face over 50 times. If there were any long term effects his skin would surely show them. But once again there are so many other factors involved like diet and skin care. But he’s over 70 years old and looks like he’s 50!

Lonnie and Nate. I am just all about keeping inflammation out of the skin, why? because I have seen way to many side effects and poor skin conditions, some irreversible due to stimulating products and treatments being performed by inexperienced therapists, so the jury is out for me unless I try it first hand and maybe I will someday and write an article about it, but until then I will continue to sit on the fence. Samantha

Hi Samantha!

The science seems to be a little more substantial and supportive than it being just a fad. It’s the concept of acute wound healing. When the body suffers an injury that it can easily handle, the response is perfect healing of that area, which brings with it the formation of new blood vessels (which promote oxygen and nutrient delivery).


The problem, and fear, is if the body can’t heal the wound effectively, which happens if it’s done too often, or too deep, or the person’s immune system is compromised. In that case, the response is, among other things, scar tissue, and eventual hardening of the area (aka less oxygen and fewer nutrients) due to chronic inflammation.

Going deeper, in order for a body to heal itself correctly, it needs to have the raw materials which promote inflammation and reduce inflammation, as represented by omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. If one’s diet provides way too much of the pro-inflammatory omega 6 (cough cough, american high PUFA diet), then the body doesn’t have the necessary raw materials (omega 3) to reduce the inflammation and chronic inflammation sets in to wreck havoc. This is one of the reason why diet is so important for anyone trying to achieve great skin.

But getting back to micro-needling, if you’re careful about the process, and understand what your body can handle, then acute wound healing may be able to give you benefit in addition to traditional skincare.

Just my thoughts!


Hi Nate

Nice to hear from you. I am totally with you on the Omega fatty acids front, did you read mine on linoleic acid? However the more I work on, and learn about the skin, Nate I am moving more and more away from peels and intensive treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, simply because I have seen what inflammation can do on the skin can do long term, and I am convinced it leads to premature ageing. The other problem we are up against in the industry is therapists carrying out treatments with very little training or experience it is frightening really I see it time and time again, because of high staff turnover. So as i say the jury for me is still out on this treatment. Samantha

Hi Traci

i hope you are well. Your right it could be another fad and the more i learn about skin, the more I want to avoid inflammation which is at the route of many skin conditions and premature ageing, so I don’t really think it fits in line with my philosophy long term. But obviously there are for and against with many anti ageing procedures. But agreed lets watch this space time will tell. Regards Samantha

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