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Micro-Needling: The Ultimate Guide (morpheus8 gone wrong)

10 Real-life Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling

Previously, we have put together a few articles on micro-needling to raise awareness of some of the side effects that several people appear to be experiencing.

However, since this time, we as a company have been inundated with emails regarding adverse skin reactions after micro-needle treatment, and many have come forward commenting on the article, “Microneedling: Beware“.

Please understand this is not about scaremongering but rather raising awareness for those considering having this treatment. Below are some real-life accounts by those who have written to me about their skin concerns after receiving micro-needling. Each study is very different, and no single treatment is the same.

All of the below are real-life pictures and case studies that have been sent to us.

Case Study #1: Orange peel texture


I first wanted to thank you for your wonderful website’s valuable information. I wanted to reach out for your expert advice regarding a skin inflammation experiencing due to the Micro-needling. I’m 39 years old, went to a nurse practitioner for treating mild acne scar, and she recommended micro-needling, which I jumped at since it sounded so effective without much knowledge about this treatment and the risk factors. A week after my skin peeled, I experienced this burning sensation on my face’s left side, a change in texture; the texture was very smooth and firm, and now it looks crepe and orange peel-like). I’m pretty much left with much skin damage and regret the treatment. Another doctor saw me they told me it is Rosacea ( which I never experienced before this treatment; is it possible that the micro-needling did activate and inflame this condition? I am now on doxycycline antibiotic and topical metronidazole. And I have recently purchased the DNA and Bio serums and the Fortifying cream I am loving. Also, does use red light therapy 5 minutes a day help?. Are there any other items that you suggest to help resolve this inflammation that I’m experiencing? It has been 5 months now that I’m having this issue.

Reason # 2: Possible granulomatous infection:
10 Real-Life Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling: Case Study #3

I would like to start on a regimen that you suggest for micro-needling gone wrong. I have had three treatments, and each time, they felt very aggressive and deep. I have swelling in the under layers and emerging pockmarks, indentations, streaks, track marks, and whitish lines that keep revealing themselves all over my cheeks. The last treatment was two months ago, and every day, I notice more discolouration that leads to an indent of some form. I went to the dermatologist, who recommended I have a biopsy and explained that a micro needle procedure could introduce immunogenic particles into the dermis and potentiate local or systemic hypersensitivity and granulomatous reactions.e I am absolutely devastated. I feel like I’m constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown over it. I am so scared that it’s getting worse, and I’m scared it’s permanently marked. I can’t focus on anything else; any advice and recommendations you could provide would greatly appreciate it. I am so lost on what to do or if there is ever anything I can do really, but your reviews and education on the topic are auspicious.

Case Study # 3: Low-grade infection

Dear Samantha, I’m wondering if you have been contacted by others experiencing prolonged burning, irritation, and flare-ups of redness on their skin after micro-needling? If so, are you able to tell me what treatment you recommended? And if they are still experiencing these symptoms?

I am reaching out because I have been currently tested at the Mayo Clinic. After all, there is a suspicion of a systemic reaction in my skin. I am having is small fibre neuropathy and possibly erythromelalgia since having micro-needling treatment. If it ends up being this, then I can say that this procedure has literally ruined my life functioning, especially if they can’t figure out how to stop it. I will keep you updated if my extended reaction to the 10/1/20 micro-needling results in these horrible diseases, but I just wanted to see if you knew of any other people who have had similar reactions as me?

Case Study # 4: Facial pitting

10 Real-Life Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling: Case Study #2

It’s been 4 months now since I had micro-needling. I only had 1 session at 0.5 and 1mm on the cheek area. It’s horrible 1 can’t believe a session can do this much damage. However, my skin continues to get progressively worse, and I am worried. To begin with, it was the pitting at the side of my cheeks and then some lines running from the bottom to top of my cheeks. Now I have a load of pores on my cheeks at the side of my nose that are all joining together into lines, and the texture of my skin has gone a bit bumpy, something I never had before, what looks to be tiny holes now from the micro-needle device that has left pitting, leaving marks everywhere. Have you come across this before?

Case Study # 5: Tracking marks and damage to my face:

Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling: Case Study #8


I recently had skin needling performed on my skin and I am experiencing deep track marks/wounds running vertically across my face and really bad scratches. I am devastated. I have sent an email of complaint and called the clinic, and they have asked me to come back to the clinic. I am quite stressed out, and I fear that this will leave permanent marks on my face. I have attached an image of my cheek for your reference. Could you please tell me if this is normal or not?

Case Study # 6: Folliculitus

I recently underwent microneedling and immediatly track marks and redness started appearing on my skin. i went to my dermatologist and came across Samantha’s article. I reached out to the company and they got right back to me. I was the second worst incident they had ever seen.
It seemed that i had a terrible case of folliculitus, I dove in and used almost exclusively their skincare line and within 8 days it was turned around, even my dermatologist was impressed.

Case Study # 7: Large bumps and redness

Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling: Case Study #6

I got an RF micro-needling done 3 weeks ago (Morpheus 8), and it has left me with intermittent redness that comes and goes; there are also grid marks, bumps, itchiness. Initially, the treatment was ok, but three after the treatment, my face started to swell up to the point my face was un-recognisable. I’ve been to two dermatologists, and they put me on antibiotics/steroids. It has gone down a bit, but today, I am still dealing with large bumps and redness that I’m scared may come back when I stop taking the medication. My skin feels like it is not healing, and I am afraid. I can only use your miracle cleanse and H2O hyaluronic complex, everything else irritates. I do not know what to do at this point. I feel like my skin is ruined, can you please help Samantha?

Case Study #8: Irritant contact dermatitis

I had microneedling done at a depth of .50mm 2 weeks ago. This was my first time trying this procedure, and I typically do not have reactive skin to anything. Two weeks later and I am still battling what looks to be redness that has formed across my cheeks and nose. Some days it looks better than others, and then days, my cheeks and nose become bright red. I went back to the dermatologist, who put me on Desodine 2x a day for three weeks diagnosing me with irritant contact dermatitis. After the first week, I thought it had calmed down, but now it has really flared up. Since the treatment I am also been battling sore and skin that is sensitive to the touch, and sinus like pressure, could there be something else going on besides dermatitis and can desonide destroy the repairing process? I am currently not able to use any other facial products other than a gentle cleanser. Please help!!!

Case Study #9: Neck damage

Reasons to Avoid Micro-needling: Case Study #9

I am desperate; my neck is also a mess with lines running up and down the centre patch. It’s consuming my life, and I need some positive information to keep me going in the hope that my skin will get better at some point.
I wish I saw your blog before I had it done like every other person you probably speak to, have you ever seen people who have recovered from this?

Case Study #10: Pigmentation and facial flushing


Hello, I am reaching out to see if you can help, I have had 4 sessions of micro-needling performed by my dermatologist. Since then my skin has developed brown spots and extreme flushing, My skin has always been delicate and occasionally sensitive, but it remains flushed and is hot to the touch since the treatment. The clinic gave me Vitamin C serum to use on my skin after treatment but this seems to be making the inflammation worse? I have been to see a dermatologist who recommended that I get some labs done to see if it’s a low-grade infection. So far, nothing has come up concerning my results but the symptoms still persist and I am at a loss now, I’m a bit hesitant as my dermatologist does not seem to know what to do with me now? I was so relieved to find your website and the information on the adverse effects of micro-needling, and will not commit to more treatments even though the clinic feel I should finish my course of 6? I have read your article on what to avoid after treatment and am concerned this maybe a result of applying Vitamin C? Do you think the pigmentation marks wil lever go as a result of this problem?

If you are concerned about your skin, please do reach out to us here.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about embarking upon having the treatment, this article is a valuable read that discusses pre and post consultation and what to expect. If you have had the treatment and are concerned with what you are using on your skin, we recommend pure hyaluronic acid – then this article you may find a valuable resource.

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  1. lynn says:


    This happened 4 years ago. I have had many treatments done to help it but it has not responded. This photo is it on a good day in good lighting.

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