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10 Case Studies that Document the Damaging Effects of Micro Needle Treatment

We’ve been flooded with emails from individuals sharing their experiences with adverse skin reactions after micro-needling procedures.

These stories have surfaced in response to our article, “Microneedling Beware.”

One might expect that regulations would be in place to prevent home-based micro-needling treatments. Sadly, that’s not the current reality.

Here at the NC, our primary aim is to raise awareness about the potential side effects of conducting this treatment at home, which can result in long-lasting and devastating consequences.

Below, we’ve included “real-life accounts” from our readers to shed light on their unique challenges. Each case study varies significantly, and treatment outcomes are rarely identical.

If you are considering having a micro-needling treatment, it might be worth reading this article beforehand.

You can also read this case study here. For further insights, download a copy of our free ebook.

Case Study #1: Orange peel texture

I’m 39 and sought micro needle with rf for a mild acne scar. Unfortunately, I didn’t fully grasp the procedure’s risks and the aesthticain who performed it didnt appear to be very experieced. About a week later, my skin began to peel, and I felt a burning sensation on my left cheek. My skin’s texture changed from smooth to oily and resembling an orange peel, leaving permanent damage. A doctor diagnosed me with rosacea, which I never had before. Could microneedling have triggered it? Currently, I’m on doxycycline antibiotics and topical metronidazole, but my skin hasn’t improved in five months. I’m considering red light therapy and any other treatments you might suggest to ease this inflammation.

Case Study # 2: Possible granulomatous infection

I would like to start on a routine that you suggest for a micro needle treatment I did at home that has damaged my skin. I have swelling, emerging pockmarks, indentations, streaks, and inflamed track marks that keep revealing themselves all over my cheeks. The last treatment I did was a week ago, and I keep noticing new skin issues daily. My dermatologist recommended a biopsy and mentioned the risk of hypersensitivity and granulomatous reactions. I’m deeply anxious and worried about the potential for permanent damage. I’m seeking advice on how to proceed and regain my skin’s health.

Case Study # 3: Low-grade infection from micro needle

Dear Samantha, I’m wondering if you have been contacted by others experiencing prolonged burning, irritation, and flare-ups of redness on their skin after micro needle with PRP treatment? If so, are you able to tell me what treatment you recommended? And if they are still experiencing these symptoms? I am currently being treated at the Mayo Clinic (yes, it’s that bad) because I may have a systemic reaction in my skin. I am having is small fibre neuropathy and possibly erythromelalgia since having the micro-needling treatment. If it ends up being this, I can say that this procedure has ruined my life. I will keep you updated if my extended reaction to the 10/1/20 micro-needling results in this continuous devastating condition. I dont know how I will cope. Do you know of anyone else who has had similar reactions?

Case Study # 4: Facial pitting

It’s been four months now since I performed micro needle rollers on my skin. I only did  one session at 0.5 and 1 mm on my cheek area, which is the reaction. It’s terrible.I can’t believe one session could do this much damage, and now my skin continues to get progressively worse. To begin with, it was the pitting at the side of my cheeks and then some lines running from the bottom to the top of my cheeks. Now I have a lot of open pores on my cheeks and at the side of my nose that all appear to be joining together into lines. The texture of my skin has also changed; it is dehydrated. I have attached an image of my cheek for your reference. Could you please tell me what you think is going on?

Case Study # 5: Track marks

I recently had a morpheus8 treatment I was worried at the time because the person who performed it seemed to have little experience in this modality and after I experienced terrible deep track marks/wounds running vertically across my face and horrible scratches as you can see. I am devastated, I have sent an email of complaint and called the clinic, and they have asked me to come back and have five more sessions of morpheus8 when my skin has healed? I am very stressed out and fear that this will leave permanent marks on my face. Should I continue with a course of Morpheus 8, do you think?

Case Study # 6: Folliculitus

I did two microneedle treatments at home, and redness immediately started appearing on my skin. I have sent you my micro needle before and after pictures. I went to my dermatologist, panicking. They did a biopsy, and I have a terrible case of folliculitis. I purchased a few of the products you recommended, and I am loving and already seeing a massive improvement; even my dermatologist was impressed. They are giving me hope.

Case Study # 7:Inflammation and rosacea

I had five seeions of microneedle treatment that I did at home and now have intermittent redness that comes and goes; there are bumps, itchiness and almost a rosacea-like appearance. Initially my skin was ok, but after the fifth treatment my skin became inflamed. I’ve since been to two dermatologists and have been put on steroids. It has gone down a bit, but I am still dealing with large bumps and redness that I’m scared may come back when I stop taking the medication. Can you please help?I

Case Study #8: Irritant contact dermatitis

I did micro needle roller procedure on myself at a depth of .50mm 2 weeks ago. Two weeks later and I am still battling with what looks to be redness that has formed across my cheeks and nose. Some days it seems better than others, and then there are days my cheeks, and nose become bright red. I have been put on  Desodine 2 x a day for three weeks, and been diagnosed with irritant contact dermatitis. I thought it had calmed down, but it has flared up again. I wish I had never ever done this treatment on myself.

Case Study #9: Damage to my neck

I am desperate my neck is a mess with lines running across the centre patch and deep bruising in one area. I need some positive information to keep me going in the hope that my neck will heal. I wish I had read your article before I had this treatment, its no doubt like every other person you speak to, but do you know people who have recovered from this treatment?

Case Study #10: Dark spots and enlarged pores

Hello, I’m reaching out for assistance. I was intrigued by the potential benefits of microneedling and had a friend perform four treatments on me with a microneedle derma roller. However, since these sessions, my skin has developed brown spots, and my once-small pores now appear enlarged. My skin has always been delicate and occasionally sensitive. I applied some Vitamin C serum following the treatments, but it seemed to worsen the situation. I visited a dermatologist, but my symptoms persist, and I’m feeling quite lost. I was immensely relieved to discover your website and the information about the adverse effects of microneedling. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone. Thank you for this invaluable resource.


Case Study: Permanently inflamed rash

A few months ago, I did a micro needle treatment and I developed a severe rosacea-like rash on my face. The only thing that has helped is oral corticosteroids prescribed by my GP, but as soon as the course was finished, the rash returned. I am covered in what looks to be inflammatory acne on both cheeks. This is destroying my self-confidence. I have been referred to a dermatologist by my GP, but I am still waiting for the appointment (Ireland) months later. I am so upset and need someone to help as I live with this daily. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

If you are concerned about your skin or are considering having this treatment, please get in touch with us here,

Please send us some photos so we can diagnose your skin and recommend the best course of action.

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