The Dangers of Microneedling Before and After With Vitamin C

Vitamin C has no place being “needled” into living tissue. It is far too an active ingredient to use during maximum barrier disruption. Vitamin C is widely celebrated as the holy grail of skincare ingredients, and its reputation is well-earned. It brings a range of benefits to the table, making it a standout performer in […]READ MORE

10 Alarming Side effects of Morpheus 8 in 2024

As the founder of the Naked Chemist range, I’m deeply immersed in the aesthetics industry. I’ve seen how innovations like Morpheus8 can transform skin rejuvenation. But just like any procedure, it comes with risks and potential complications. In this guide, I’ll draw from my industry insights, customer interactions, and extensive research. Delving into the potential […]READ MORE
Treating Normal Skin - How to Perfect Your Routine

6 Tips for Treating Normal Skin

Most of my skincare advice revolves around skin concerns you’re struggling with. But what if you’re one of those lucky people that have normal skin with no visible signs of imperfections?READ MORE