Harsh ingredients upset a healthy skin, stripping the barrier of important lipids.

When your skin becomes undermined, your acid mantle becomes out of whack.

Good bacteria is depleted, leading to inflammation and infection.

So it is extremely important that you avoid the use of alcohols and astringent products, because, they really dry out the skin and cause inflammation.

Exactly which alcohols, you can read about in the article ingredients to avoid.

It goes without saying, that an oily skin is tricky to treat, This article looks at the oily skin remedies that commercial skin care products claim to provide.


Our pores are the opening of hair follicles.

Oily skin conditions can make our pores appear much larger than they actually are, widening the oil ducts, to create the appearance of large pores.

They are usually more apparent on the nose, cheeks and chin, where there is a greater concentration of oil glands, this is also indicative of a combination skin type.

Myth behind commercial oily skin remedies

There is a lot of misinformation about around skin care products.

Many manufacturers would like you to believe, their toners and astringents will cause a shrinking effect on the skins pores, sadly these are just clever marketing claims; there are no instant oily skin remedies.

Large pores are inherited and no amount of product will change them, no matter what a friendly sales assistant tries to tell you.

 ingredients such as acetone and alcohol, will help to remove excess oil from the skins surface.

Whilst this does, is have a temporary TIGHTENING and cooling effect on your skin.

 In reality what is really happening, is that the product is acting as an IRRITANT, causing inflammation and swelling around the pores.

Once this inflammation subsides, the pores return to their normal size.

Despite the tons of information I have studied on skin care over the years, I have yet to personally find one shred of scientific evidence, that backs up the claim that pores on the surface of the skin can be reduced.

So take MY advice, the best oily skin remedies, is really to AVOID the use of strong, harsh skin care products.

Instead opt for pure active ingredients that gently block the flow of oil, ingredients that are both kind and gentle to your skin, that won’t cause long term underlying sensitivity.

If your skin is too oily, don’t get in the bad habit of over washing it, read on to find out why!

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