What is Combination Skin

combination skin
Blackheads characteristic of a combination skin

Do you have skin that can’t make up its mind?

Does it feel like you have two or more different skin types going on, at any one time?

Then chances are you have a combination skin type, where your skin is oily in some areas and dry in others,.

I find many of my clients get confused by their combination skin, simply because they try to overthink it, they begin to dissect their skin – well if I have acne and I am dry, then I must be oily because of the breakouts, but if I am dry does that make my skin combination?

Because your combination skin is hard to identify and even trickier to treat, lets first have a look at its anatomy.

Understanding combination skin

So how do you spot a combination skin? The first thing to know is that this skin type occurs when you have two or more different skin types on your face at the same time.

If your skin is characteristic of OIL down the MIDDLE, which REDUCES as you look across the CHEEKS and towards the EARS, then chances are you have combination skin.

Oil DOWN the CENTRE PANEL of the FACE is typically known as an oily T zone, this is because the nose, chin, and forehead, contains more sebaceous glands or active oil glands, than any other areas of the face.

Is your skin combination-oily or combination dry?

What wait, is there such a skin type?

Well yes, there is and the width of the T zone and how far the pores reach across the cheeks determines whether the skin is combination oily, or combination dry.

Combination oily skin types: If the pores expand across the cheeks and past the eye, with smaller less visible pore structure in the perimeter of the face, then your skin is characterised as combination and oily.

Combination dry skin types: If the pores are only visible in a narrow strip down the centre of the face, with fine invisible pore structure on the cheeks and outer areas of the face, then your skin is classed as a combination, dry type.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to correct any wavering state in which you might find your face. I recommend to my clients to really listen to your skin and understanding its natural qualities, this will help you unlock the mystery to achieving clearer, more balanced skin.

The naked chemist skincare range

This can be customised to meet your skin’s requirements, making it the ideal choice for treating skin that won’t make up its mind. For instance, if you have combination skin with dehydration and breakouts, with oily shine, you could select Resq to target the breakout at the source. SOS skin shot to tackle inflammation and for its antimicrobial properties and Equilibrium balancing gel to target dehydration and daily shine.

Incidentally, dehydration is not uncommon with a combination skin type, and maybe the reason you are getting that oily shine, so it is really important to treat this skin condition with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid found in Equilibrium or H20 skin shot.

So the bottom line, when treating a combination skin, It’s about really listening to your skin, and giving it what it needs on a daily basis, in order to bring it into balance and achieve, healthy, shine and blemish-free skin.


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