How to wash your face may seem like a strange subject.

But saying it is alright for someone to use soap on their face, is a cardinal sin in my book, and here’s why.

Your skin is naturally acidic; it has a pH balance of around 5.5.

Soap however is much more alkaline, with a pH balance of around eight or even higher.

Soap strips the skin of its protective oils, undermining the skins barrier function and lipids.

These lipids are essential for our skin, helping to protect against environmental conditions.

Long term use of soap or alkaline products, create underlying sensitivity and inflammation, upsetting the natural acid mantle of our skin, long after the washing process is over.

pH explained

Many of my clients ask, what is pH and how does it affect our skin?

Soap and many commercial products formulated for an oily skin, have a very high alcohol content.

Whilst it’s true these astringents do a good job of removing excess sebum (oil), make up and cellular debris from the skin, sadly they are just too harsh for a delicate skin.

Whilst I appreciate that for oily skin folks, these alkaline products can be hard to resist, here at The Naked Chemist I am all about transparency in beauty.

So please take my word for it….

Long term use of these products SOAP included, causes a cycle of destruction on the skin.

Let’s look at what skin conditions, prolonged use of these ingredients can cause:

So soap and astringents can cause skin to breakout and become sensitive?

Sadly yes, and once the skin becomes undermined bacteria will really thrive in this soapy, alkaline environment.


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