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Author Archives: Samantha Miller

How to Use Miracle Cleanse

While some may view cleansing as a tedious step before applying the more exciting formulas. [...]

How to Use Fortify Barrier Repair Cream

Are you experiencing dryness, tightness, flakiness, or sensitivity? Or visible signs of ageing, such as [...]


How to get rid of hyperpigmentation instantly in 2024

Do you look in the mirror and see dark patches or uneven skin tone? Maybe [...]

8 Important Nutrition Tips For Healthy Skin in 2024

Through my own personal journey with my skin conditions, I realised the profound effect the [...]

8 Holistic Tips on How to Stay Healthy in 2024

Here at the Naked Chemist, we genuinely embrace a holistic viewpoint. That includes reflecting on [...]

6 Holisitic Approaches to Healthy Skin to Embrace in 2024

My approach to my practice is based on an understanding of how the skin works; [...]


Ceramides, the barrier repairing superstar

Your skin craves good old-fashioned fat in the protective form of ceramides Just as fat [...]

Are Your Exfoliating Products Damaging Your Skin Barrier

Think twice before you over-exfoliate Because you can get too much of a good thing [...]


What are the Best Exfoliating Treatments for Your Skin Type

To exfoliate or not to exfoliate is the beauty question of late. It’s a touchy [...]

Exfoliating 101, all your questions answered

Exfoliating your skin should not be overlooked. It keeps your skin dewy and glowing. But [...]

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