Understanding the Difference Between Combination and Oily Skin

Of all the bothersome skin types.

It has to be said that an oily skin is the one of the most tricky to treat.

Simply because of all the different conditions going on within the skin;


  • Visibly large pores
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Areas of sensitivity

An oily skin is often thick and sallow in appearance,

This is due to the over production of an oily substance known as sebum, an oil produced in the glands, which is found in the lower layers of the skin.

If a large amount of sebum flows through the follicles, it appears as large pores, which can be frustrating.


Whilst oily skin does have a lot of over active oil glands; when it comes to a combination skin, the nose, chin and forehead often referred to as the T Zone, contains more sebaceous glands or active oil glands, than any other areas of the face.

The cheeks tend to be a lot drier and even flaky in areas.

There are always a lot of conditions going on with a combination skin, which is why it is so tricky to treat.

This is a topic I discuss in greater detail in the article the best face cleanser for combination skin.

So why is it that we all seem to have varying degrees of oiliness?

Age, genetics, hormones, the environment and even the type of skincare products you use, will determine how oily your skin is.

If you’re a teenager, chances are that you will have encountered one or two troublesome skin conditions at some same in your life.

If that’s the case, then you need to take your frustration out on your hormones, because during adolescence, shifts in hormone patterns will actually increase the flow of oil from your sebaceous glands.

The great news is that by the time you reach your mid twenties, your hormones will start to settle down.

Any oily or combination skin conditions may well begin to balance out.

But wait be careful not to blitz those zits!

Breakouts are associated with both an oily or combination skin

Whilst it may be hard to resist the urge to squeeze those pimples, bacteria transferred from your fingers can cause new outbreaks to appear.

If that’s not enough, your skin can start to overproduce more oil and you’ll be left with an excessively shiny face.

For all you oily skin folks out there, if all of this information is beginning to get you down!

Don’t be blue, there is some good news on the horizon, all that lovely excess sebum keeps your skin soft and supple, helping to delay any signs of premature ageing,

Staving off troublesome lines and wrinkles for many years to come.

What this means is, that ultimately you will stay looking younger for longer.

This article looks at a combination skin, so you can begin to understand how to treat your skin type effectively.

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