Skin is more than Skin Deep

Do you ever take a moment to think about the skin you’re encased in?

Not only is it the largest organ on the body, but it is almost the first thing we notice about someone.

Our skin impacts everything we do, how we feel about our self and how others come to view us.

Which is why you need to look after it.

The role of our skin

It is the major component of our external appearance; it helps us communicate with the rest of the world, on both a conscious and subconscious level, blushing is one example; another is your skin becoming itchy in the presence of chemicals, to which you may have become allergic to.

Your skin is also capable of acting as a de-stress flag, giving you a warning all is not well inside; we all know the tell-tale signs of someone who is feeling under the weather, simply by looking at the texture and colour of their skin, healthy, glowing skin is one that vibrates with energy.

All of the Naked Chemist products are about customisation, really listening to your skin and treating any concerns that arise daily, because we believe your skin is constantly changing and needs to be treated like the dynamic organ it is.

The layers of your skin

Amazingly your skin is approximately the size of a 3 x 4-meter carpet.

It is also the first line of defence against environmental assaults such as wind and rain, variations in temperature, humidity, sunlight and attacks from pollution and all manner of noxious assailants.

We think of it as a superficial layer, an inert squishy covering that keeps all our vital bits nicely bound together; yet it goes about its daily functions so well that we rarely give it any thought, yet your skin is so much more than skin deep; it is an impervious yet permeable barrier, one that is composed of three very different and very distinct layers:

  • the epidermis, the layer that is visible to the naked eye
  • the dermis, the second layer known as the one, true skin
  • the subcutaneous fat layer, the third layer of your skin, the protector, insulator and energy source

Cells within these layers are constantly communicating with each other, continually synthesising chemicals to keep us looking vibrant and healthy.


As you can see, your skin is not just an inert casing; it is extremely complex and has many different functions.

At its very basic level, it offers you protection against environmental aggressors, whilst letting your body breathe and perspire, so that it can function effectively.

Your skin also has a protective barrier, a mini defence system of its own, that resists invading bacteria and viruses.

It is an amazing organ, which is constantly active, and communicating with cells and needs to be treated as such.

For more information, this infographic has some interesting fun facts about skin.

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