Lemon Water, Get the Inside Squeeze

Lemon Water: Get The Inside Squeeze

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade


Want to put the zing back in your step?
Well, how you kick start your day is going to be key for boosting your immunity.
So, ditch the coffee and opt for the beauty benefits of lemon water instead.


Citrus Limon, as it’s technically referred to, is in fact a modified berry with a tough, leathery rind.

The hard-working lemon tree produces fruit all year round; one tree alone will often produce up to 500 pounds of lemons in a year.

That acidic taste you are experiencing is due to citric acid, a natural preservative that aids in digestion, and can even help dissolve kidney stones.

Because lemons are a natural preservative, they stay fresh kept at room temperature for up to seven days, and up to five weeks when stored in your refrigerator.

The plumper and heavier the lemon is, the higher the sugar and mineral content.

Lemon really is so much more than a regular citrus fruit, not only does it contain infection-fighting vitamin C, it also contains the following nutrients:

    • Iron
    • Calcium
    • Copper
    • Folate
    • Thiamin
    • Riboflavin
    • Pantothenic acid
    • Magnesium
    • B Vitamins

So, I think you’ll agree, the lemon is not quite so humble after all.

1. Immune Boosting

So, why drink lemon water first thing?

The main reason is because it gives your body a chance to absorb all of the above beneficial nutrients, helping to boost your immunity.

2. pH Balancer

Lemons initially come across as very acidic, but once the citric acid is metabolised, it becomes very alkaline on the body’s fluids, helping to balance your internal pH.

3. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis are associated with a high degree of acidity in the body.

In many cases, the kind of acid that causes joint pain is uric acid; if you look at uric acid under a microscope, it looks like tiny little shards of glass and when it crystallises, it causes pain and inflammation.

Lemon water helps to reduce pain and inflammation in joints and knees, as it dissolves the uric acid.

4. Nature’s Diuretic

Lemon increases the rate in which you urinate because it purges the lymphatic system, flushing out any unwanted toxins.

5. Detoxifier

Warm lemon water is great for a healthy belly.

Lemons contain pectin, which is beneficial for colon health, encouraging the production of bile.

It starts peristalsis – the wave of muscle contractions within your intestinal wall – helping to keep things moving nicely along, improving regularity.

Pectin also fights hunger cravings.


Keeps skin clear: Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid is the tiny, potent anti-oxidant agent, responsible for repairing skin cells.

It will also give you a small anti-ageing beauty boost, by removing inflammatory free radicals from the blood.

Nail stain remover: Shall I let you into a little French beauty secret?

To remove red nail polish stains, the French rub lemon over their nails; it’s also a great way to help fix nails that have yellowed – ooohh la la!

Lip buff: Make chapped lips a thing of the past with a little lemon juice in sugar – simply rub your lips with a tiny amount of the solution before you get your beauty sleep, to help remove dead, dry skin.

Blemish buster: Now, you don’t want to spray lemon water all over your face, but by using a minute amount on a cotton bud as a topical spot treatment, the antioxidants in lemon juice will help to decrease spots, scars and age spots.

Skin Lightener: It’s not always easy to know what to do with stubborn skin on elbows and knees, but using half a lemon as your main squeeze will instantly brighten dark, rough skin.

Hair and scalp treatment: Lemon water can help to treat a dry scalp and dandruff, applied to the hair before going in the sun, will help to give blonde hair that sun-kissed look.

The Naked Truth

Despite all of the beauty benefits, I have noticed many people on the web advocating lemon water for direct use on the face. In my opinion, this should NEVER be the case.


Your skin has a pH of 4.5 to 5.0; lemon juice sits on the other side of the fence at a pH of 2.0.

It is highly acidic which can elicit burning sensations, disrupting the protective acid mantle.

The oils in citrus fruits are photo-toxic; meaning exposure to the sun will exacerbate the acidic nature of the lemon, causing potential sun damage to your skin.

If you plan to use lemon water as a topical spot treatment, apply at night and be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin in the morning.


7 thoughts on “Lemon Water, Get the Inside Squeeze

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dipping my nails into half a lemon that I have used, makes my nails wonderfully strong and hard. I do this daily. My way of recycling.

  2. Jay says:

    Hello Samantha.. What is the difference between rosehip oil and rosehip Seed oil.. Can I just purchase rosehip oil.. Huge thanks..

  3. Anonymous says:

    You learn something new everyday, I never realised you could remove red nail polish stains with lemon juice a must try, thankyou.

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