Skin Irritation – Warning: Less is Best

Ever notice yourself blushing, even when you’re not embarrassed?

Does a glass or two of wine at dinner leave you looking flushed the next morning?

Or does an afternoon in the sun leave your face pink for days?

If you experience flushing and persistent redness, the best advice I can give you, is to approach your skincare routine as if you were carrying out an elimination diet.

Why? because your skin abides by the same principle as your body does, after all it is the LARGEST ORGAN on your body.

So don’t be tempted to approach your routine like a kid in a candy store, otherwise you may just end up paying the price for over indulgence.

Topical cortisone’s are they friend or foe?

Topical cortisone is often recommended to treat skin sensitivity.

And it’s true; these cortisone’s will offer you immediate relief, but the repeated application of steroids can really thin out your skin, weakening the epidermis, your skins outer layer.

There are a number of other conditions associated with the long term use of cortisone on the skin which can be really damaging, you can read all about in my article; hydrocortisone cream is just a band aid for the skin.

So how do I treat my skin irritations?

If chronic inflammation is a problem, then give your skin a break.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of people who write to me, who are genuinely concerned about their skin sensitivity, yet when I asked them what they have been using, they real off a long list of products.

My advice is to strip back your use of products and keep it really simple guys, less is best, and use only natural and organic formulations topically that are devoid of a lot of ingredients, in a bid to rebuild your acid mantle and repair your skin’s barrier.

Look for specifically formulated products completely free from irritating ingredients such as fragrance, essential oils, glycols and astringents; you need to be super gentle on you’re skin, in order for it to heal and repair naturally.

Look for ceramide rich formulas like bio lipid complex, that can be layered under barrier repairing products such as fortify moisturiser in order to begin to return your skin back to health, that way you can be sure to prevent premature ageing and keep your skin youthful for longer.

New cellular turnover cycle of your skin takes around four to six weeks, therefore I recommend scaling back your routine in order to bring your skin back into healthy balance.

Then gradually you can re-introduce your skin care products one at a time, this will help you to eliminate any potential skin irritants, that may have caused the inflammation in the first place.



7 thoughts on “Skin Irritation – Warning: Less is Best

  1. Mary b says:

    Samantha I really appreciate this resource its clear to me that you know your industry inside and out….I have very sensitive skin which flares up does this sound like rosacea to you?

  2. Ana says:

    Your site is a wealth of information, thank you! I’m struggling with face that continues to flare (they say it’she more eczema). The longer it continues, the more damaged my skin–red, itchy, scaley skin that can’t seem to retain any moisture whatsoever. Hope your products will be sold on amazon!!

    • Verified Author Samantha Miller replied:

      Hi Ana I am so glad you are enjoying it. Eczema is really difficult to control because there are so many triggers. Ana I recommend watching this video I really like Dr Hengs holistic approach to eczema, you may found it interesting to watch. I really think that a back to basics approach is best for your skin, you need to become a label detective and avoid any irritating ingredients including fragrances, baring in mind that many extracts are also irritating! I do hope to be selling on Amazon in the future so please do check back.

  3. Darlene says:

    I recently found this site and am enjoying the very helpful information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can the mask you mention, Activate and Calm mask, be purchased online? I do see an aesthetician but I think some are unaware of the many products available. I currently use Dermaware and with the winter coming I am researching an oil (almond, avocado, ect) that I can add at night. Your site is helping me in my search for what might be right for me. Thank you!

    • Verified Author Samantha Miller replied:

      Hi Darlene
      I will soon be releasing my products for sale, this includes the mask. I really recommend layering with a really dry skin because there are three main triggers going on which you can read about in my articles under skin code. Think about using more then one product when treating the skin in the winter months. Should you require more information please do drop me a line. Samantha

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