Face Moisturizer, doesn’t add moisture to the skin

It may sound like bit of a misnomer.

But the main role of a face moisturizer, is not to add moisture to the skin at all.

The role your moisturiser has on your skin will all depend on the ingredients within the formula, and the skin type the moisturizer is formulated for.

Many moisturizers designed for a dehydrated skin for instance will contain humectants such as Hyaluronic Acid, this ingredient helps with water retention, trapping moisture in the top layer of the skins tissues.

Whilst a moisturizer for a dry skin, may contain occlusive or emollient ingredients, and if the barrier has become impaired, they may contain ceramides and lipids, that are naturally found in the skin to repair any damage done.

Fortify barrier repair cream and Bio lipid complex are two such formulas, that have been specifically designed for skin that is dry or impaired.

They contain skin identical ingredients that deplete as we age, helping to restore your skin back to a youthful, healthy glow.

The Best Face Moisturizer

Because I’m all about transparency in beauty I’m not going to try to persuade you with clever marketing terms, that one face moisturizer fits all skin types.

We are all metabolically different, and we all have different skin care conditions going on within our skin at any one time.

So what should we take into consideration, when purchasing a moisturizer?

Well skin type is important, because essentially there are two types of moisturizers, oil and water based, different consistencies suit different skin types and this could be a cream, lotion, fluid or gel.

Generally when it comes to moisturizers, the drier the skin, the richer the moisturizer should be.

The Naked Truth

Those with an oily face, often feel they don’t require a moisturizer.

However, this actually couldn’t be further from the truth, an oily skin requires daily protection to, and an oil free moisturizer is specifically formulated for an oily skin type.

An oily skin is more suitable to a gel water based formula like equilibrium balancing gel, that helps to control oil secretions, preventing pores from clogging further, whilst protecting against environmental stressors.


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