Creating the brand identity

Creating My Brand Identity

Many of our clients ask about the philosophy behind the Naked Chemist range.

So here’s a little introduction about the brand, for you to get to understand the range better.

Why the Naked Chemist?

It is where nature meets in science in terms of formulation.

That coupled with the fact that we believe in educating our customers and extending that to complete transparency in beauty.

We are experts in professional skincare with many years behind us in treating different skin concerns, so we truly understand skin. From anti-ageing and sensitivity to impaired barriers, blemishes, and pigmentation, we can help.

The Concept

Inspired by my love of nature, and all things related to skin and skin health.

Samantha wanted to meet her client’s expectations in the clinic and help them on their journey to skin health, so a serious skincare line was a natural transition – one that transformed people’s skin and lives.

Having experienced difficult skin first hand herself, and working with so many skin types and conditions over the years, it was a natural progression.

The satisfaction we get from helping people with their skin is gratifying; personal is my passion and purpose for being.

What do we hope to achieve?

Healthier, more beautiful skin for our clients.

Complete nutritional support that creates stronger, healthier cells.

Over the years, we have spent a great deal of time researching isolating the enzymatic power of potent living ingredients, after all our cells respond better to fresh, raw, active foods.

It all begins with skin health.

This is our mission – to help people maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

We appreciate that our skin requires constant change. It is a living ecosystem; that is always balancing to be at its best according to its information.

When dehydration, blemishes, dryness, sensitivity, or ageing, are a concern, then it could be that your skin is reacting to your lifestyle, diet, or environment.

By really listening and understanding your skin and using our customisable skincare, it is possible to follow its unique requests and overtime recover its beauty and balance.

We want to make the purity of our priority.

To achieve this, we carefully select pure, active ingredients, made from ethically sourced botanical ingredients, infused with science.

In a bid to get long-lasting results for my client’s skin.

Finally, we never want to compromise on quality.

Our goal is to keep all of our skincare products free from irritating chemicals, aggressive preservatives, and heating stabilisers required to extend the shelf life.

From this, the Naked Chemist was created.

Set amongst the lush rain forest and beneath the dramatic skies of New Zealand – a place where the grass is greener and the air, well, just that much fresher.

A complete range of customised solutions for your skin – skincare products that are completely in tune with your body and nature; because let’s face it, what goes on, goes in.

Seriously, Naked Skin Never Felt So Good.

If you would like to learn more about me, follow this link and learn more about our philosophy.

4 thoughts on “Creating the brand identity

  1. Clare Wayne says:

    Sorry, haven’t finished.

    The point is, it hasn’t made me think, I’m now a creative genius and don’t need any of the products that The Naked Chemist will make, but it made me more interested, knowing you might have access to things I don’t, and I’d be happy to try, in fact very keen.

    It was empowering and fun to play and create and it’s a lovely gift from you in NZ to me in little old Perth, Australia.

    Thank you for creating a space where we can all feel equal.

    When do your products come out??


  2. Clare Wayne says:

    Hi Samantha,

    Thank you so much for your transparency. Trying to educate yourself about more natural ingredients etc isn’t that easy because as you said, a lot of people feel threatened. There’s a lot of information out there, but for me, I want to learn ideally, from someone who has real experience and knowledge and as a bonus education on these topics. You appear to have all these AND an ethos that is about giving us the information so that we are more than we were before we read your blog or website. I love it!!
    I was trying to find info on different vegetable, seed etc oils and the what is considered occlusive, humectant and otherwise and your site came up. Not only was it full of info and above and beyond what I expected, it encouraged me to go to my bathroom, cleanse my face and make an equal blend of jojoba, coconut and almond oil ( all the correct grade and quality) and moisturize

    • Verified Author Samantha Miller replied:

      Claire thankyou so much for taking the time to comment on the site, it is truly this sort of feedback and enthusiasm from a reader that chances upon the NK site that really motivates me to write articles.x

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