Is your skin red, sore and irritated?

Does it often feel hot or sore to touch?

Then chances are your suffering from skin inflammation.

And you may be interested to learn your not alone, over 50% of all women are thought to be concerned with inflammation and 35% of all men are thought to be concerned with sensitive skin issues, a worrying yet rather interesting statistic.

But when you consider all the assaults your skin is under on a daily basis:

  • Damaging UV rays
  • Toxin accumulation
  • Poor lifestyle choices
  • Astringent ingredients
  • Chemicals and fragrances
  • Environmental aggressors
  • Emotional  and physical stress

It’s little wonder, that sensitive skin conditions are on the rise:

So could it be that your skincare routine is failing you? And if so how?

Aren’t their literally thousands of skin care products, claiming to solve sensitive skin issues?

Yes, but the problem is, most products only address ONE TRIGGER, and that is the relationship between the immune system and skin inflammation.


Immunogenic inflammation is triggered by the immune system.

When our body is under attack from allergens or suffering from emotional stress or hormonal changes, an immune response is stimulated that results in skin inflammation.

This inflammation is a natural process in the body created by our warrior white cells, they come to the rescue to fight off invading foreign bodies, aiding in the healing process.

This is what creates pain, redness, swelling and inflammation in the skin.

This cycle of inflammation caused by immunogenic inflammation, is a subject I discuss in greater depth in the following article.


Scientific research is now suggesting that there are two triggers that create inflammatory responses in the skin:

Immunogenic inflammation, triggered by the immune system to fight off warding invaders
Neurogenic inflammation, triggered by the nervous system

Neurogenic inflammation is the lesser known form of inflammation, which is related to the nervous system.

When skin comes into contact with potential irritants, it activates sensors in the nervous glands, which release a cascade of substances known as neuro-peptides.

In healthy levels, these neuro-peptides help to end the inflammatory cycle aiding tissue repair.

The problem is when they are aggravated, they are responsible for very painful inflammatory conditions, including psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and itchy skin.

When our skin is under emotional stress or comes into contact with pollution, a painful neurogenic response is created, this leads to inflammatory conditions such as itching, psoriasis and dermatitis

Both immunogenic and neurogenic inflammation can cross over to the same conditions, which can include redness, irritation, swelling and itching.


So to recap, we have established there are two significant triggers behind inflammation:

  1. Allergens that stimulate an immune response in the skin, referred to as immunogenic inflammation
  2. Chemicals that stimulate a nerve response, referred to as neurogenic inflammation

And inflammation from both these triggers, create the same redness, itching and swelling that results when the body is injured or irritated.

You can be forgiven for thinking that these are the only causes of skin inflammation, but sadly that is not the case.

Both physical and emotional stress has a lot to answer for, kicking a once healthy skin completely off balance.

Elevated levels of CORTISOL our stress hormone, causes inflammatory reactions in the body, it aggravates inflammation, causing extreme itchiness and inhibiting wound healing.

Toxin accumulation and poor lifestyle and environmental conditions can also be stressors.


When you look at the bigger picture, you can see there are a number of factors that trigger inflammatory skin conditions:

What is crucial to healthy skin is pairing effective skincare treatment with the right lifestyle choices.

Reduce your exposure to the sun and try keep stress levels to a minimum, take care to nourish your skin preserving its natural protective barrier.

Combining all of this with a healthy diet plan, will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the health and appearance of your skin.

I have designed products to address both of these triggers. Savior is a calming day cream, designed to quiet immunogenic inflammation. SOS ultra-soothing complex addresses neurogenic inflammation.

This is a highly customised range, specifically designed to stop inflammation in it’s tracks, repairing the acid mantle and rebuilding a thin fragile, delicate skin.

Ultimately restoring your skin back to health, so you can be the best version of you.

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