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10 Tips to Consider when Applying Makeup on Oily Skin

Managing oily skin and selecting the right makeup can be tricky.

Simply because there are so many factors to consider.

Like getting good coverage to hide your blemishes.

Or absorbing that daily shine and minimising pores.

Fortunately, ingredients have become so advanced today.

They can help to prevent that daily landslide and give your makeup longevity.

So join us as we look at some tips and tricks on how to apply makeup on oily skin.

Makeup on Oily Skin Tips

1. The Importantce of your Primer

Before you begin, it is essential to understand that preparation is key.

That is why primers are so important; they help to build the bridge between your skin and foundation.

They really need to be an essential part of your makeup routine.

If your skin is excessively oily, you only require one product beneath your foundation: primer.

The reason? Your base must give the illusion that it is disappearing into your skin and not sitting on top.

Oily skin makeup primers should be silicone-based, as this helps to control oil flow and gives your makeup durability.

2. Prevent Slippage

A little-known fact is that your eyes are one of the oiliest places on your face.

Think about your eyeshadow, which often gathers in creases, and your eyeliner, which has a habit of sliding off.

To prevent this, use a primer as an eyeshadow base, topped with a foundation layer before you apply your liner or eyeshadow.

Or apply an eyeshadow primer, which will help your eyeshadow to go the distance.

Avoid using shimmery or iridescent products, as they tend to add shine.

3. Blotting Papers for Oil Control

These are perfect little touch-up papers that you can apply on the go. They help control shine and minimise oil buildup throughout the day.

4. Use a Lighter Blusher

Applying a blusher that is one shade lighter than your skin colour helps to prevent the natural oils in your skin from creating dark patches.

We recommend powder blush, as cream bases can enhance daily shine.

5. Block Your Breakouts

Bacteria flourish on oily skin, which can cause breakouts and acne.

Your fingers have naturally occurring oils immediately transferred to your skin on contact.

Instead, use brushes or sponges, which are far more hygienic and prevent the spread of bacteria.

It is important to resist the urge to cake makeup on oily skin; instead, try to emphasise your best features, such as your lips and eyes, to help distract away from uneven skin tone or breakouts.

Resq anti-blemish complex is the ideal topical spot treatment if you’re concerned about your breakouts.

6. Minerals are perfect for Oily Skin

The best mineral makeup selection for an oily face contains only the purest ingredients, taken from inert minerals found naturally in the ground.

The great thing about these mineral powders is that they work as a blotter, absorbing any excess oil buildup and keeping your foundation locked in place.

The best technique is to use a cosmetic sponge and apply the powder by pressing it down onto the foundation with a blotting motion.

This will also help set your makeup in place to avoid a foundation meltdown.

The other great thing about minerals is that they are less irritating on your skin and won’t block your pores.

If you want to learn more, this article discusses mineral makeup in more detail.

7. The Right Foundation Selection is Key

Although this may seem like a paradox, you need to focus on using a very light layer of foundation. This allows your skin to breathe and ensures your makeup doesn’t become cakey.

Don’t over-apply your foundation. Remember the “less is more” rule when working with oily skin.

The following are essential considerations when choosing your foundation:

  • Choose one that is oil-free
  • It has a matte finish
  • Gives complete coverage
  • Evens skin tone
  • Controls oil production

8. Colour Match

This is important when choosing makeup for oily skin, especially your concealer.

If you want to cover your pimples or breakouts, use a warmer shade, which will be much more flattering than an ash colour.

Cool colours will draw attention to any imperfections you are trying to disguise.

9. Don’t forget your concealer.

These will help to offer maximum coverage over your blemishes.

The best technique to apply them is to use a concealer brush to build up gentle coverage.

Layer over the area until you achieve the desired result.

10. Use Makeup Setting Spray

These are great to buy if you have excessively oily skin.

Makeup setting sprays help to assist in water resistance while preventing oil buildup throughout the day.

To conclude. The naked truth

If you have oily skin, there are some fantastic tips and tricks for stemming the flow of oil and getting flawless coverage.

The best makeup for oily skin is non-comedogenic, preventing pores from clogging.

It is important to avoid overkill; nothing is worse than that caked-on look that will accentuate your makeup further, drawing attention to uneven skin tone, breakouts, and blemishes.

Instead, a natural look will always be the best option, one that will help your skin breathe naturally.

Like mineral powders, they are perfectly natural, can help absorb excess oil, and give your skin a lovely matte look.

Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you will easily create beautiful makeup for your skin.

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