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Dry Skin Kit

NZD $159.00

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This is the ultimate skin-insurance policy designed to support a healthy barrier function.

Our dry skin collection takes a multi-dimensional approach to skin repair and renewal, working quickly over time to improve surface dryness and areas of roughness.

It’s also a game-changer for those suffering from sensitivity, helping to take the fire out of the itch, calming and soothing redness, inflammation, and irritation.

Includes: Full-size 50ml Fortify Moisturiser, full-size 30ml Bio Skin Shot, full-size 200ml Miracle Cleanse, full-size 50ml Ceramide Repair Balm

What it does: Smooths, soothes, and restores dry, rough, inflamed, sensitive, prematurely aged skin. Ideal for skin post-procedure, including micro-needling, laser, and chemical peels.

What It Is: This 4-piece set includes an oil cleanse, a soothing antioxidant-filled lipid serum, a barrier repair moisturizer, and a ceramide-rich treatment balm, all formulated to relieve dryness, inflammation and restore your skin’s barrier function.

Understanding Dry Skin:

Truly dry skin lacks moisture because it does not produce enough oil — not to be confused with dehydrated skin, which lacks water. Your skin relies on oil to hold moisture; without it, your complexion may appear rough, sensitive, and flaky. Skin is no longer soft and supple, and if you don’t repair the damage, it can lead to a breakdown in collagen and elastin – the internal scaffolding which keeps skin plump, taut, and youthful.

Tiny, invisible cracks can develop, inflaming skin further. Nerve endings become exposed, and surface cells dry out, causing insufficient lipids between the epidermal cells, allowing ingredients to penetrate, causing more inflammation. All of this disrupts your acid mantle’s delicate microflora and impairs the barrier function, which is why the elements you use to treat your dry skin concerns are essential if you want to keep it youthful and healthy.

Our Solution: Sadly, dry skin is regularly overlooked and misunderstood, often taking backstage to other skin types. As an aesthetician, I understand how complex dry skin is to treat; it requires a multidimensional approach at different times. These unique products contain the perfect ratio of vital skin-identical ingredients that mimic your skin’s lipid layer. Ceramides, cholesterol, squalene, omegas, and triglycerides penetrate beyond the surface, addressing chronic dryness leaving your skin with a soft, velvety, matte finish.

The Set Includes:
Miracle Cleanse: A barrier-restoring cleanser that effortlessly melts away makeup, purifying your skin without stripping valuable moisture. Protecting as it cleanses, it is designed to soothe even the most sensitive of complexions. (Without essential oils).
Bio Lipid Complex: This skin-loving complex is filled with skin-identical lipids that fill the spaces between your skin cells like mortar, replenishing and repairing dry or inflamed skin. Blended with antioxidants that give the oil a rich orange hue, it wards off damaging free radicals that, if left untreated, can lead to premature ageing.
Fortify Barrier Repair Cream: A breakthrough moisturiser containing a unique blend of 2% Ceramides, 4% Cholesterol, and 2% Lipids – the exact ratio found in your skin. Fortify is designed to replace what your skin has lost over time and speed up your skin’s barrier function recovery.
Ceramide Repair Balm: A transformative pressed serum that combines the benefits of targeted treatment with the comfort of moisture-rich butters, delivering penetrating healing and regenerative nourishment to traumatised skin to leave it plump, soft, and supple.


1 review for Dry Skin Kit

  1. Jane peters

    Love this product range everything I could possibly have all in one kit that really helped my dry skin. The ceramide balm is beautiful and Bio lipid worked wonders when it came to alleviating my dry skin.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Jane
      Thank you so much for this review, knowing the kit has helped your skin and returned it to health has been really rewarding to see, especially as the kits are new additions. So it’s not often we get to see first hand in our clinic the rejuvenating power of all these products used in a routine consistently, we know how they work on an individual basis of course. so love this feedback. thank you so much, Samantha and the team.

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