Miracle Cleanse



Protecting as it cleanses, this barrier-restoring cleanser effortlessly melts away makeup and purifies your skin from the pollution, toxins, and stress of modern life.

A blend of New Zealand cold-pressed, superfood oils including Avocado, Macadamia and Kiwi  gently free skin without stripping valuable moisture, enhancing the natural protective layer, infusing it with deep, regenerative nourishment, designed to pacify even the most sensitive of complexions.

Daily Ritual: Use morning and evening. Take a few pumps and add a touch of water to create a milky lather; gently massage in then rinse away.

All skin types: Active enough to treat dry, combination skin; delicate enough for traumatised skin

NZ AVOCADO & LIPIDS   200mL  6.7 fl oz

A pure, calming cleansing dew

Many of my clients mistake cleansing as being a boring precursor to the exciting business of applying moisturiser, but there is so much more to this important step.
Particles leftover from makeup, nano-particles from pollutants, and impurities are responsible for destructive skin inflammation at a cellular level. This causes skin cells to break down; creating free radicals that attack healthy skin, which leads to premature ageing.

Miracle Cleanse is intelligently formulated to lift away pollution residue that has been deposited during the day by external aggressors, whilst gently emulsifying oils within the pore lining without upsetting your physical barrier. The goal is to ultimately set a strong foundation for the rest of your skincare routine.

Each exquisite oil is designed to supply your skin with a therapeutic activity to reduce the irritation that comes with skin dryness and inflammation. Restorative antioxidants, lipids, and organic herbs work to rebuild your physical barrier during cleansing; leaving skin happy, healthy, and balanced. Free radical scavengers Raspberry Seed Oil and Vinanza Grape Seed help to repair this damage by absorbing electrons and stabilising cells for healthy, happy skin. enveloping you in a serene and regenerative sensation of calm.

Skin Health Benefits

  • Delicately formulated at a perfect pH level of 5.5
  • Gently removes impurities responsible for inflammation
  • Important lipids nourish the skin and improve an impaired barrier
  • Powerhouse antioxidants deliver protection against pollution, irritation, and ageing


Avocado Oil: High concentrationC of Vitamins C, E and 60% Linoleic make it an ultra-nourishing oil, promoting healthy cellular activity.
Herbal blend: A regenerative blend of herbs, infused over time, soothes irritation, repairs blemishes and inflammation, offers vascular support and provides endurance against everyday stress.
Antioxidants: Six powerhouse antioxidant-rich oils are cold-pressed for potency to target free radicals, delivering outstanding protection against pollution residue and premature ageing.
Phospholipids: Our cells are surrounded by a membrane which is made up of essential lipids structures, the optimal activity of our cells is regulated by this membrane fluidity. Due to their structure, phospholipids penetrate the cellular membrane and nourish it, making them a highly efficient ingredient when it comes to restoring and protecting the delicate barrier function.

Prunus amygdalus dulcis – Sweet almond oil
Persea gratissima – Avocado fruit oil
Macadamia ternifolia – Macadamia seed oil
Helianthus annuus – Sunflower seed oil
Sesames indicum – Sesame seed oil
Ricinus communis – Castor seed oil
Simmondsia chinensis – Jojoba seed oil
Carota sativa – Carrot seed oil
Rubus idaeus – Raspberry seed oil
Rosa canina – Rosehip fruit oil
Actinidia chinensis – Kiwi seed oil
Calendula officinalis – Calendula flower extract
Sorbitan trioeate – Naturally derived emulsifier
Sophora microphylla – Kowhai bark extract
Glycyrrhiza glabra – Liquorice root extract
Tocopherol – Natural vitamin E
Camomile recutita – Chamomile flower extract
Althaea officinalis – Marshmallow root extract
Vitis vinifera – Vinanza grape seed extract
Macropiper excelsum – Kawa kawa leaf extract
Phormium tenax – Harakeke root extract
Metrosideros excels – Pohutukawa extract

Cleanser containing essential oils includes: Citrus paradisi – Grapefruit peel oil, Boswellia papyrifera – Frankincense oil, Cupressus sempervirens – Cypress leaf oil, Citrus aurantium – Neroli oil, Agonis fragrans – Fragonia leaf oil, Achillea millefolium – Yarrow flower  Pelargonium graveolens – Geranium leaf oil, Tanacetum annuum – Blue tansy flower oil, Dalbergia sissoo – Rosewood oil extract.

5 reviews for Miracle Cleanse

  1. Leanne Ziekenheiner (verified owner)

    Love love love this oil cleanser, my skin has improved dramatically since using this cleanser! I would be completely lost if I didn’t have this cleanser to use morning and night it is amazing and just prepares my skin beautifully for my next “The Naked Chemist” products in my routine. Please don’t ever stop making this cleanser.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Leanne

      So glad you like it and that it get the results you are wanting, it was really important for me to make something that protects as it cleanses so it is clearly doing it’s job. It means a lot to get this feedback thank you. Samantha

  2. Clara (verified owner)

    I initially thought this would be too drying for my lipid-dry skin. However, I was wrong and my skin LOVES this cleanser. It lathers very, very slightly, smells amazing and washes off easily. It also leaves skin soft, not taut and dry, which is just amazing for a skin type like mine. When I first got it, I washed my skin three times because it smelled so good. This product is simply a pleasure to use.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Clara
      I am so very glad that this product worked out for your lipid dry skin, so glad that we put the new essential oil option in there now, you have to love the chamazulene blue oils not only for their beautiful floral smell, but also for their anti inflammatory benefits. Samantha

  3. Penny (verified owner)

    A friend whose skin I noticed was beautiful told me about Miracle Cleanse and how it really improved the health of her skin. I’ve been using it for over a year and have loved it.
    I trust the quality of the ingredients to be superior and my skin has improved as well.
    The cleansing process is simple which I love as well as being effective and very affordably priced.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Penny

      This is really wonderful feedback, it means the world to me when my clients get wonderful results and their skin health is improved, thank you so much Samantha

  4. Jane Peters

    I really love this product my skin is sensitised and it protects as it cleanses without stripping. Thank you!

    • Samantha Miller

      Wonderful feedback, so glad the product is helping with your condition.

  5. Juliette Lovegrove (verified owner)

    At last I’ve actually found skin care products and advice that I can rely on. My skin started playing up a couple of years ago and got so bad that I spent quite a lot of time crying and refusing to leave the house and despite spending about £3000.00 on various products and salon treatments I just couldn’t repair it. I bought the “Miracle Cleanse,” “Bio Lipid Complex” and “Fortify Barrier Repair Cream” which together started to repair the damage from the first time that I used them. I feel so lucky to have discovered this brand because it has totally transformed my skin. Thank you so much Samantha Miller.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Juliette

      I am so happy that my products are genuinely helping your skin.

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