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H₂O Hydrating Complex

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Reclaim your skin’s youthfulness with this cool drink of water that infuses thirsty skin with a veil of continuous moisture.

H2O is the ultimate in achieving the perfect moisture balance. Skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, water-charged New Zealand flax, and healing panthenol combine to pull moisture into the deepest layers of your skin to improve surface dryness, fine lines, and firmness.

Daily Ritual: Apply 3-5 drops in the evening over the face, neck, and décolleté before moisturising.

Skin Concerns: Dry, dehydrated, inflamed, prematurely aged, oily, blemished

NZ Flax & Hyaluronic acid  30ml (1.0 fl oz)

Because lipid-dry skin is different from dehydrated skin – a moisturiser or oil is not always enough to have a profound effect.
High molecular Hyaluronic Acid formula infuses your skin with hydration and moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an essential structural molecule in your skin and is vital to the cell’s ability to hold moisture.

Targets premature ageing: Youthful skin can hold onto water and retain a balanced amount of moisture. HA’s moisture-binding characteristic is essential for treating skin ageing, which causes HA levels to decline; skin that was once plump and supple becomes dry, and there is a visible loss of firmness (hello, lines and wrinkles). Because it is a significant component of your skin, it is essential in tissue repair. This loss of HA results in slower tissue repair, accelerating the ageing process, causing your skin to lose its moisture and contributing to premature ageing. Simply put, it has powerful rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties.

Treats damaged skin: The quality of Hyaluronic Acid quality is vital to our client’s best outcome in the clinic, especially if they have recently experienced invasive treatments like micro-needling, laser, or deep peels. H2O contains a pure form of high molecular Hyaluronic Acid that can’t penetrate the skin barrier. It creates a film with your skin’s keratin upon evaporation, which keeps your skin moisturised and improves elasticity.

Significant healing and anti-inflammatory properties: Many Hyaluronic markets contain low molecular weight. Small molecular Hyaluronic Acid can become absorbed into the tissues and cause inflammation, especially on compromised skin. H2O complex does not contain alcohol or skin irritants such as Aloe Vera. It can encourage microbes within a formula to cause underlying infections; it is carefully preserved to minimise irritation.

It is also important to mention that drinking water is inefficient in maintaining and restoring skin hydration. Your other organs take up the water, so hydrating topically is vital. Like a water magnet, H2O attracts moisture to your skin cells for hydration and oil flow is balanced, leaving your skin healthy, plump and clear.

Note: When using H2O, layering is essential; humectant ingredients can get taken up by the air, so ensure your skin is sealed with an occlusive moisturiser.


Skin Health Benefits

  • provides soothing relief from inflammation and sun exposure
  • promotes collagen synthesis, retaining your skin’s elasticity and firmness
  • plumps your skin, increasing missing levels of HA that deplete as a result of ageing or trauma
  • boosts moisture levels, helping to reduce the formation of wrinkles caused by dehydration


Hyaluronic Acid: Found in every cell in your body and can retain over 1000-times its weight in water. Youthful skin easily holds onto water, but ageing causes levels to decline; replenishing HA topically boosts moisture levels preventing the formation of wrinkles caused by dehydration.
NZ Flax Extract: Soothes, cools and calms, reducing puffiness and surface redness.
Panthenol: Referred to as Provitamin B5, stabilises the barrier, strengthening damaged fragile skin and reducing fine lines’ appearance. A deficiency in Vitamin B5 in the skin can result in dermatological disorders, which shows the importance of this ingredient in maintaining healthy skin and warding off premature ageing.

Aqua – Water
Sodium hyaluronate – Hyaluronic acid >1.800.000 daltons
Panthenol – Vitamin B5
Sodium levulinate & Sodium anisate – Natural preservative
Phormium tenax – Flax leaf juice extract

28 reviews for H₂O Hydrating Complex

  1. Betty

    Your review is awaiting approval
    I wanted to reach out and give you an update as this is my third purchase. I wanted to treat signs of dryness and premature ageing and this product has not disappointed my skin is healthier, more hydrated and plumper . I layer under Quench and they have been a godsend!

    • Samantha Miller

      Thank you so much for the wonderful review Betty.

  2. Rebecca Greer

    Been using this product for two months now and honestly so pleasantly surprised by the results I layer it under DNA and my skin is so hydrated and my fine lines are diminished wonderful I then use Fortify and wow what a difference

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Rebecca thank you for this lovely feedback. We are so pleased you are getting great results with the products.

  3. Britta

    Like all the other products, H2O is a beautiful serum. It makes my skin feel fresh and plump, and oh so soft! I didn’t think I would stray from my beloved DNA skin shot, but H2O made it onto my shelf after receiving a sample from Samantha. Every product I tried is wonderful and produces fantastic results. Samantha, I really hope you will never stop making your magical tinctures and creams! <3

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi britta this is wonderful feedback so glad you are having a great result with H20 and of course your beloved DNA we love that. Invaluable feedback thankyou.

    • Samantha Miller

      Lovely honest review Britta thank you so much, many people over look hylauronic acid yet it briongs so many wonderful proprties to the skin not only hydration. we are so glad it has achieved hero status with your DNA britta.

  4. Sarah

    I reached out to the team as I was really worried about the dehydration and fine lines but this layered with Quench has really turned my skin around 🙏

    • Samantha Miller

      Sarah that is great news, these two formulas are hero products in our clinic when it comes to treating dehydrated skin concerns

  5. Becky

    Hydration hydration hydration at its best 🙌

  6. Rita

    This was recommended to me by a friend and I just love it I layer with Quench and then Fortify and gosh I have seen such a wonderful change in my skin❤️

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Rita we have really enjoyed going on this skin healing journey with you thankyou so much for the wwonderful recommendation.

  7. Susan Hayes

    It’s truly like a drink for my skin, which just helps to relieve my combination skin especially silky the dry areas without leaving it oily I love this skin shot!

    • Samantha Miller

      Thankyou for reviewing susan

  8. Rita camtaphile

    I’m in love with this product, having tried many humectant serums; this one does exactly what it says on the bottle.

    My skin is so moisturised and hydrated, and when layered with Fortify it’s like skin heaven in a bottle!

    • Samantha Miller

      rita wonderful review we love that you love the products to and you are seeing skin healing.

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