Nectar Antioxidant Balm

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Our versatile 3-in-1 organic treatment balm is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise your skin in a single delightful, fragrant step.

Crafted with a blend of New Zealand honeyed essences, organic herbs, and exotic butters, Nectar offers soothing relief to sensitive, dry skin while simultaneously improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks, leaving your skin cleansed, nourished, and calm.

Skin Concerns: Dry, sensitive, mature skin, sunburn, wounds and cracked heels.

NZ Kiwi & Manuka: 50mL  (1.7 fl oz).

Clinical advice

Introducing Nature’s alternative to Vaseline: Nectar, a luxurious treatment balm meticulously crafted to activate deep healing for many skin concerns.

As a clinical esthetician, I’ve witnessed firsthand how aggressive exfoliation and harsh ingredients can compromise the skin’s protective barrier and delicate acid mantle, leaving it vulnerable to toxins, inflammation, and irritation.

From the outset, I envisioned a formula that would not only deeply moisturise but also heal and rejuvenate extremely dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Nectar is infused with perfectly shaped spherical jojoba beads in a nourishing blend of omegas and exotic butters. Unlike many traditional exfoliators, these beads gently roll across the skin, buffing away dead cells without causing micro-tears.

Free from stimulating ingredients and artificial fragrances that can exacerbate sensitivity, Nectar synergistically restores the acid mantle, regulating inflammatory pathways to combat sensitivity. It works harmoniously with your skin’s natural repair processes to promote healing and restore traumatised tissue, so dry-inflamed eruptions are softened and moisturised, giving way to happy, healthy skin.

Nectar provides the same waterproof protection and breathable barrier as Vaseline, without petroleum, making it an essential addition to any first-aid kit. 

Our commitment to harnessing organic, nutrient-rich, bioactive ingredients from New Zealand’s fertile orchards ensures a 100% clean, green formula.

PURE INTENTION – BREATHE: Healing Manuka, the darling of the aromatherapy world, imparts a powerful, energetic reminder to love thyself. An authentic sensory experience, Nectar invited you on a journey into the heart of New Zealand flower essences, carefully chosen for their subtle energies to quiet your nervous system and soothe an overactive mind. Serving as a gentle reminder to breathe deeply and connect with your emotions.


  • shields sensitive skin from inflammation
  • Soothes and protects the moisture barrier
  • Gently cleanses without stripping natural oils
  • Jojoba beads gently exfoliate without irritation
  • Use at night as a mask for deep healing and nourishment

How to use

Step one: At sunset and sunrise, gently massage the balm into your skin.

Step two: Wipe away the balm with cotton pads or a warm cloth or leave it on as a nourishing treatment mask.

Pro Tip: Apply at night for a luxurious, nourishing mask experience. This way, you wake up to skin that’s remarkably supple, dewy, and velvety-smooth.


Key Ingredients

Astaxanthin: Often hailed as the king of carotenoids, astaxanthin boasts powerful antioxidant properties. It is believed to be 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, 500 times stronger than vitamin E, and 40 times stronger than beta-carotene. This potent antioxidant fights damaging free radicals in the skin, helping to prevent premature ageing.

NZ Manuka Honey: Found exclusively in New Zealand, this bioactive honey is a potent humectant, deeply moisturising and nourishing the skin. Renowned for its remarkable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, Manuka honey accelerates skin healing. Rich in Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Carotenoids, and Vitamin C, its potent antioxidants combat free radicals associated with ageing.

Jojoba Beads: Crafted from 100% natural and biodegradable wax derived from the jojoba plant, these tiny spherical beads gently exfoliate the skin, sloughing away dead cells for a rejuvenated complexion.

Avocado: Abundant in Omegas and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, avocado oil enhances cellular turnover, diminishes fine lines, and stimulates the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin. Its natural steroid properties aid in repairing sun damage and reducing age spots.

Kawa Kawa: Kawa Kawa is a soothing anti-inflammatory agent that relieves conditions like eczema and rosacea while forming a protective barrier to lock in moisture and support skin repair.

NZ Mamaku Black Fern: Harnessing the power of this indigenous fern, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, stimulates fresh cell growth and supports skin firmness.


Ricinus communis* – Castor oil
Helianthus annuus* – Sunflower seed oil
Butyrospermum parki* – Shea seed butter
Hydrogenated jojoba oil** – Jojoba beads
Cera alba* – Beeswax
Persea gratissima* – Avocado oil
Hippophae rhamnoides** – Sea buckthorn oil
Daucus carota** – Carrot seed oil
Leptospermum Mel*** – Manuka extract
Phospholipid** – Plant-based lipid
Rosa canina* – Rosehip fruit oil
Astaxanthin**– Plant-based antioxidant
Tocopherol** – Vitamin E
Leptospermum Mel*** – Manuka extract
Calendula officinalis*** – Calendula flower extract
Chamomile recutita** – Chamomile flower extract
Macropiper excelsum*** – Kawa Kawa extract
Symphytum officinale*** – Comfrey extract
Cyathea medullaris*** – Mamaku black fern extract

The ingredients may change on rare occasions. For the most accurate information, please refer to the website prior to use.

Free from

The seven skin sins: Alcohol, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), formaldehyde, triclosan, and petrolatum. Follow the link to find out more.

Good to know: Cruelty-free, organic, gluten-free, safe for pregnancy, New Zealand-made.

Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Nectar Antioxidant Balm

  1. Peter

    Natures answer to vaseline is really a great tag line for this product thoroughly enjoyed using it and my skin is so much calmer and less inflamed I have loved using this very healing balm

    • Samantha Miller

      Thankyou for this wonderful feedback so glad you are enjoying nectar.

  2. Petra

    I’m a real dry skin sufferer and a sun worshipper so my skin is excessively dry I d tried a lot of product but this is the ultimate is skin nourishment I really love it and wonderful customer service🙌

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Petra love this review and so glad we have been able to help your dry skin

  3. Timothy

    This really is natures answer to Vaseline it’s totally helped to relieve my eczema I’m completely blown away with the results it must be all the healing h NZ herbs wonderful product.

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