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Barrier Repair Balm (Ceramide)

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Rescue your skin from dryness and inflammation with this transformative pressed serum that delivers deep, penetrating healing.

Barrier-repairing ceramides, lipids and cholesterol are infused with calming blue New Zealand flower essences, leaving your skin calm and nourished with a glass skin finish.

Daily Ritual: Gently massage into your skin, allowing the gorgeous essences to activate and breathe deeply.

Skin Concerns: Impaired barrier, sensitivity, dryness, maturity, eczema, dry lips.

NZ Pohutukawa & Ceramides  50mL (1.7 fl oz).


This unique pressed serum is holistic beauty at its best that provides a complete sensory experience.
Indulging your senses and soothing your skin in one luxurious, fragrant step.

This decadent treatment balm was created for many clients whose healing needed to be activated deeper.

Clients with significantly compromised skin often find that their moisturising routine is not enough, and this unique concentrate bridges that gap unlike traditional moisturisers, it won’t immediately absorb, encouraging skin recovery whilst providing intense nourishment.

Your barrier function is a specialised layer that forms the outermost part of your skin that is made up of Ceramides, Cholesterol, and fatty acids, which are crucial for normal barrier function; it is this vital front line that protects you against the environment, pollution, bacterial infection, UV, and more.

Barrier repair concentrate has been intelligently formulated with Ceramides and natural Cholesterol, which integrates into the skin cells perfectly and the spaces between them, critical in strengthening your protective barrier by maintaining moisture balance.

An intoxicating blend of soothing Azulene oils Comfrey, Kawa Kawa, St John’s Wort and Calendula, anti-inflammatory superheroes that work to quiet the tenderness associated with sensitive, inflamed skin, a must for any first aid kit.


Healing Blue Tansy, the darling of the aromatherapy world, imparts a powerful energetic reminder to love thyself.

A true sensory experience, taking you on a journey into the heart of New Zealand flower essences that have been carefully chosen for their subtle energies to quiet your nervous system and soothe an overactive mind, reminding you to stop, breathe, and connect with your emotions.

Skin Health Benefits

  • calms inflammation and redness
  • improves the integrity of the barrier function
  • softens and comforts a dry, impaired skin
  • restores and rejuvenates all skin types.


Ceramides: These are critical components of the cell membranes found within the top layer of your skin that deplete with age; they are fully compatible with your skin and have a protective role.
Pohutukawa: Your skin fully recognises this deeply conditioning botanical extract as identical to the nutritional building blocks of your skin’s structure, greatly enhancing its ability to strengthen and repair.
Squalane: This clever oil has a molecular structure similar to the natural wax esters in your skin. Sebum (oil) contains 30% wax esters. Your skin easily recognises it as its own: it absorbs deep, creating a thin, non-occlusive layer that reinforces your protective barrier.
Cupuaçu Butter: A creamy butter rich in Fatty acids and Phytosterols that offers superior moisturisation, softening and smoothing your skin, enhancing elasticity.
Marula Oil: Rich in Fatty acids Omega 6 and 9, Marula oil deeply hydrates and reduces inflammation and redness, and its potent Antioxidants properties help ward off premature ageing.
Blue Tansy: Rich in Chamazulene, the chemical compound that gives Tansy its valuable anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenation benefits.
Kawa Kawa: A calming anti-inflammatory is ideal for conditions such as eczema and rosacea, creating a barrier – sealing in moisture to support the active repair of your skin.
Comfrey Root: Traditionally known for bone healing. It stimulates cellular renewal, repairing and healing damaged skin.

Butyrospermum parkii – Shea butter
Rosa canina – Rosehip seed oil
Theobroma grandiflorum – Cupuacu butter
Mangifera indica – Mango seed butter
Theobroma Cacao – Cocoa seed butter
Simmondsia Chinensis – Jojoba seed oil
Punica granatum – Pomegranate seed oil
Sclerocarya birrea – Marula seed oil
Squalane – Olive squalene
Tocopherol – Vitamin E
Kaolin – White clay
Natural cholesterol
Phospholipid – Vegetable lecithin
Ceramides 1
Arnica montana – Arnica flower extract
Metrosideros excels – Pohutukawa extract.
Macropiper excelsum – Kawakawa leaf extract.
Calendula officinalis – Calendula flower extract.
Ceramides 2
Symphytum officinale – Comfrey leaf extract.
Tanacetum annuum – Blue tansy flower oil
Indigo – Natural colouring

20 reviews for Barrier Repair Balm (Ceramide)

  1. Sarah molls

    Wow my poorly sensitive skin adores this balm very unique profile and smells divine.

    • Samantha Miller

      So glad you are enjoying it Sarah

  2. Britta

    This balm is a real treat for my dehydrated combination skin! I use it once a week in the evening, after a mineral clay mask. Even though it feels very rich at first, it sinks into my skin within a few minutes. Once the balm is fully absorbed my skin feels ultra nourished and extra soft – a very luxurious product indeed!

    • Samantha Miller

      Thank you so much really wonderful review, blue tansy and healing ceramides are what this unusual serum/balm is all about so pleased you are enjoying it Britta.

  3. Peter

    Very unusual balm that is very moisturizing and healing whilst still letting my skin breathe unlike the more traditional balms just love this thankyou for creating such a great product

    • Samantha Miller

      Peter you really nailed it in this review its exactly why we created Ceramide to be that bridge between a moisturiser and your skin needing more healing and extra hydration and nourishment

  4. Sarah

    Heaven in a jar is what I name this truly wonderful healing balm, from the texture to the gorgeous smell it’s a real treat to use 🙌

    • Samantha Miller

      Heaven in a jar is wonderful feedback thankyou Sarah.

  5. Justin

    I use this wonderful balm all over my body, especially on the dry parts. It’s just the ultimate in skin nourishment and works like a treat. Can you sell it in vats, please?

    • Samantha Miller

      Juston great feedback thankyou so much

  6. Perry

    A unique balm that really has helped my parched dry skin and I love the blue colour and the smell is to die for 🙏

  7. Katie

    I rarely review but I have eczema and purchased this balm as part of the dry skin kit and wow what a difference the eczema on my legs is gone only on my ankle now

    • Samantha Miller

      Katie so pleased your eczema is healing, its what we stand for as a brand and why our founder created the company in the first place to heal her own eczema and psoriasis.

  8. Jen walter

    I’m in love with ceramide what a unique product. The blue tansy snd gorgeous hue of this product makes it a treat to use snd it’s really healing my skin I highly recommend this product.

  9. Georgina

    I can’t get enough of this unique balm with its gorgeous scent it’s really helping to turn my eczema around my skin is getting so much relief from it thank you .

  10. Phillipa

    Very unique melting balm that smells like heaven. It’s really helped my dry skin love this product

  11. Jess

    I have never come across a texture like this balm it’s very unique and it has really helped with my dehydrated dry skin. The smell is absolutely divine gosh skin love.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Jess, recently upgraded this balm. We wanted to be a real treat for our clients to use and healing Blue tansy and german Chamomile combined delivers this wonderful fragrance loved by many.

  12. Serena May

    I’ve been using Ceramide for three months now and I have fallen in love with it, my skin has never felt so hydrated I’m really impressed thankyou

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Serena. Our gorgeous serum to balm is a hero product and is now formulated with more healing. Blue tansy is becoming a firm favourite in our clinic with our clients.

  13. Aria halsowen

    This is an exceptional product the organic blue tansy fragrance is to die for a very unique and gorgeous balm it literally melts in to my skin upon application healing and soothing my skin

    • Samantha Miller

      Aria we are so glad you like it, with its new improved formula and additional Blue tansy it is becoming a firm favourrite

  14. Laurie

    Ceramide Barrier Repair Balm by Naked Chemist is an exceptional formulation.
    Having hyper-sensitive reactive fragile skin, I have, for more than 20 years, been frustrated searching endlessly for products my skin would accept that could calm, comfort,
    provide generous long lasting hydration, and allay a tendency to flush. Happily, this Ceramide Balm ended my search.
    Additionally, as the skin reacts very badly to essential oil mixtures, upon request, Samantha has been kind enough to make this Balm without use of “essential oils”. I am very grateful and appreciative of her care and obvious dedication to her craft.
    Final Word: This Ceramide Balm is in a class of its own…matchless.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Laurie

      Thank you for your wonderful review. We have been really pleased that we have been able to share your journey back to skin health. We are of course happy to customise your formula especially if your skin has a special requirement which many sensitive skin types do. Yours in skin health Samantha

  15. Kassi

    This stuff makes your skin feel insanely soft even after washing it off! Samantha helped me pick out the dry skin kit and this was in there, I absolutely love all the products so far!

    • Samantha Miller

      Kasia Really pleased that Ceramide is giving you the results you want thankyou for this wonderful feeedback.

  16. Caitlin McCaffery

    This is a unique and soothing balm which has brought much needed healing to my skin . I am delighted with the results and would advise anyone with compromised skin to give it a go . Thank you Samantha for promoting skin health so well .

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Caitlin

      I am really pleased that you are getting the results from this treatment, a long time in the making with its wonderful ceramide base it is the ultimate in skin repair and renewal treatment. Samantha

  17. Chelaine Soo

    Reduces skin itchiness and redness overnight for all kinds of skin allergies. In June last year, I was staying at a mountain resort where the whether was dry and temperature will drop till 20 °c at night..especially when it rains. This is the only thing i used as a moisturizer before I sleep and i always woke up with clear skin. Am routine was DNA and Fortify. That’s the only 3 items I brought during my stay there. Less is best for people with sensitive and weak skin barrier. My skin tends to have flare ups and redness when inflammation sets in. With enough sleep and this miracle balm, the redness will reduce in as fast as 12 hours.. Kudos to Naked Chemist.

    • Samantha Miller

      Hi Chelaine thankyou for the wonderful review and you are so right less is best and keeping inflammation out is at the route of all premature ageing as far as we are concerned. Samantha

  18. Kylie Chivers

    A soothing product that my skin was craving!

    • Samantha Miller

      It is meant to bridge the gap between a moisturiser and a balm, so glad it is doing the job.

  19. Antoine Scicluna

    You know the satisfaction you get from drinking a cold sweet iced tea after a long day in the Summer sun. The Ceramide Barrier Repair Balm is a refreshing drink for your facial skin. The first time I applied it, my dry and sensitive skin started feeling better immediately. I highly recommend it to people who have dry, sensitive, and/or combination skin.

    • Samantha Miller

      Thank you for this wonderful feedback on Ceramide, as we are really trying to bridge the gap between a moisturiser and a dry sensitive skin here – where a moisturiser just doesn’t always offer quite enough penetrative hydration and moisturisation, so this is great to know you are getting the type of result we are trying to achieve with this formula from a clinical perspective. Samantha

  20. Clara

    This is another product that should be winning awards.

    This product is THE product that we people with non-oil producing skins dream about. I use it as my night moisturiser or apply it really thickly as a mask. It smells divine and is incredibly calming and relaxing. It does have a blue hue and I’ve noticed it does colour the creases of my very pale neck blue, but washes off easily. I couldn’t recommend this more highly to people with my skin type.

    • Samantha Miller

      This is a new addition to the range and unique in its formula in that it contains phospholipids and ceramides. Blue is from the chamazulene and indigo so perfectly natural and exceptionally anti inflammatory. So great to hear you enjoyed it. thank you for the very honest feedback.

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