Barrier Repair Balm

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Combat dryness, inflammation, and premature ageing with our exclusive pressed serum. Enriched with barrier repairing Ceramides and Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol.

This 100% natural, vegan balm features Blue Tansy and New Zealand botanicals that leave your skin soft, dewy, and plump with a velvety, matte finish.

Skin Concerns: Impaired barrier, sensitivity, dryness.

NZ Flax & Ceramides: 50mL (1.7 fl oz).

Clinical advice

A unique pressed serum that indulges your senses and soothes your skin in one luxurious, fragrant step.

Traditional moisturisers often fall short for those with impaired or extremely dry skin. To address this, we’ve created a formula that bridges this gap, providing intense nourishment without immediate absorption and supporting epidermal recovery while deeply hydrating.

The outermost layer of your skin, the stratum corneum, serves as a crucial barrier against allergens, bacteria, and moisture loss. Comprised of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, this protective shield defends against environmental aggressors and maintains optimal moisture levels.

Our Barrier Repair Balm replenishes these vital components, seamlessly integrating into your skin cells to fortify the protective barrier. Rich in nourishing fatty acids, it enhances hydration and texture while infusing calming properties with chamazulene and native botanicals. It imparts a delicate pale blue hue to soothe inflamed skin.

Whether used alone for daily nourishment or left on overnight as a restorative mask, our balm provides intensified hydration, which is particularly beneficial for addressing dry skin conditions.

PURE INTENTION – BREATHE: Immerse yourself in the exquisite fragrance that transports you into the heart of blue flower essences. This calming aroma gently reminds you to pause, breathe deeply, and re-establish connections with your emotions, fostering holistic well-being.


  • Calms and soothes the skin
  • deeply nourishes and replenishes dry skin
  • Shields sensitive skin from inflammation
  • A unique Tri-Ceramide complex restores the barrier function

How to use

At sunset, gently massage your skin, allowing the gorgeous essences to activate and breathe deeply.

Pro Tip: For a luxurious and deeply nourishing experience, apply the product as a mask at night. This way, you’ll wake up to skin that feels remarkably supple and dewy.

Key Ingredients

Ceramides: These lipid molecules are crucial for forming a protective barrier that seals in moisture and shields against environmental stressors. When compromised, ceramide levels decrease, leading to dryness, irritation, and increased sensitivity. Replenishing ceramides strengthens the skin barrier, promoting hydration, smoothness, and resilience.

Pohutukawa: Recognized for its deep conditioning properties, this botanical enhances skin strength and supports barrier repair.

Bakuchiol: A natural alternative to retinol, it aids in achieving smoother, younger-looking skin.

Squalane: This unique oil mimics the skin’s natural wax esters, readily absorbed without clogging pores, creating a breathable protective barrier.

Cupuaçu Butter: Abundant in fatty acids and phytosterols, it delivers superior moisturization and enhances skin elasticity to combat premature ageing signs.

Marula Oil: Packed with antioxidants and omega fatty acids, this oil fights free radicals and reduces skin inflammation.

Blue Tansy: Rich in chamazulene, known for its anti-inflammatory and skin-rejuvenating properties.

Kawa Kawa: Potent anti-inflammatory that calms and soothes the skin.

Comfrey Root: Traditionally known as “knit bone,” this herb stimulates cell renewal, aiding in the repair and healing of damaged skin.


Butyrospermum parkii* – Shea butter
Oenothera biennis* – Evening primrose oil
Theobroma grandiflorum* – Cupuacu butter
Mangifera indica** – Mango seed butter
Theobroma cacao* – Cocoa seed butter
Simmondsia chinensis** – Jojoba seed oil
Punica granatum* – Pomegranate seed oil
Bakuchiol** – Psoralea Corylifolia Seed Oil
Squalane** – Olive squalene
Tocopherol** – Vitamin E
Kaolin** – White clay
Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP
Phytosphingosine** – Plant-based lipid
Cholesterol** – Plant-based
Arnica montana*** – Arnica flower extract
Metrosideros excels*** – Pohutukawa extract
Macropiper excelsum*** – Kawakawa leaf extract
Calendula officinalis*** – Calendula flower extract
Symphytum officinale*** – Comfrey leaf extract
Tanacetum annuum** – Blue tansy flower oil
Indigo** – Natural coloring

** Natural
*** Wildcrafted
The ingredients may change on rare occasions. For the most accurate information, please refer to the website before use. 

Free from

We’ve identified seven skin sins commonly associated with skin conditions, all of which you won’t find in our products: Alcohol, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), formaldehyde, triclosan, and petrolatum. Our intention isn’t to scare you but to educate you on these potential culprits. Follow the link to learn more.

Good to know: Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, safe for pregnancy, New Zealand-made.


Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Barrier Repair Balm

  1. Sarah molls

    Wow my poorly sensitive skin adores this balm very unique profile and smells divine.

    • Samantha Miller

      So glad you are enjoying it Sarah

  2. Britta

    This balm is a real treat for my dehydrated combination skin! I use it once a week in the evening, after a mineral clay mask. Even though it feels very rich at first, it sinks into my skin within a few minutes. Once the balm is fully absorbed my skin feels ultra nourished and extra soft – a very luxurious product indeed!

    • Samantha Miller

      Thank you so much really wonderful review, blue tansy and healing ceramides are what this unusual serum/balm is all about so pleased you are enjoying it Britta.

  3. Peter

    Very unusual balm that is very moisturizing and healing whilst still letting my skin breathe unlike the more traditional balms just love this thankyou for creating such a great product

    • Samantha Miller

      Peter you really nailed it in this review its exactly why we created Ceramide to be that bridge between a moisturiser and your skin needing more healing and extra hydration and nourishment

  4. Sarah

    Heaven in a jar is what I name this truly wonderful healing balm, from the texture to the gorgeous smell it’s a real treat to use 🙌

    • Samantha Miller

      Heaven in a jar is wonderful feedback thankyou Sarah.

  5. Justin

    I use this wonderful balm all over my body, especially on the dry parts. It’s just the ultimate in skin nourishment and works like a treat. Can you sell it in vats, please?

    • Samantha Miller

      Juston great feedback thankyou so much

  6. Perry

    A unique balm that really has helped my parched dry skin and I love the blue colour and the smell is to die for 🙏

  7. Katie

    I rarely review but I have eczema and purchased this balm as part of the dry skin kit and wow what a difference the eczema on my legs is gone only on my ankle now

    • Samantha Miller

      Katie so pleased your eczema is healing, its what we stand for as a brand and why our founder created the company in the first place to heal her own eczema and psoriasis.

  8. Jen walter

    I’m in love with ceramide what a unique product. The blue tansy snd gorgeous hue of this product makes it a treat to use snd it’s really healing my skin I highly recommend this product.

  9. Georgina

    I can’t get enough of this unique balm with its gorgeous scent it’s really helping to turn my eczema around my skin is getting so much relief from it thank you .

  10. Phillipa

    Very unique melting balm that smells like heaven. It’s really helped my dry skin love this product

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