Do you suffer from acne scars?

Then it is really important to avoid picking at the skin, because it can easily scar.

If your skin is scarred, fortunately there are a number of exfoliation treatments, that can significantly help to reduce acne scars, treatments that don’t require surgical intervention.

Acne Scars Treatment

Micro Dermabrasion

This is a great treatment for smoothing an uneven surface, this treatment involves, the use of fine crystals being directly applied to the skin.

The crystals help to lift dead skin cells from the surface, whilst stimulating new cells and collagen production.

Because this is a mechanical exfoliation, the therapist does have a greater degree of control when it comes to targeting areas of concern, a course of microdermabrasion treatments is usually recommended.

Medical Dermabrasion

This treatment is not to be confused with microdermabrasion, the non surgical surgery that can be performed by aestheticians.

Medical dermabrasion is an intense form of surgical skin planing, which has to be performed under anaesthetic and can only be performed by medical professionals.

It is a really successful treatment for facial scarring, because it reaches living tissue in the dermis.

However with the advent of new technology, this treatment has now largely been replaced by lasers.

The following article on laser treatment for acne scars is a questions and answer guide that you may find useful.

Glycolic Peels

This ingredient comes from the acid that is found in sugar cane, thus making it one of the most natural treatments for acne scars.

These peels gently remove dead, dull, pitted skin from the skin’s surface, it literally slouches away dead cells in order to encourage cellular regeneration, revealing a smoother, brighter skin underneath.

TCA Peels

This is a treatment that we recommend using as a spot treatment.

Used in this way you can get some really great results with treating scars and uneven skin texture, which may have occurred as a result of acne.

The reason we don’t recommend using this treatment all over the face, is because it is just to harsh for delicate skin tissue, it can also cause severe inflammation in the dermis.

It is important to note that surface exfoliation modalities such as microdermabrasion and light peels, will only provide mild improvement in acne scars.

This is because, they don’t reach deep enough to stimulate complete skin regeneration.

Phenol Peels

Phenol peels are the deepest chemical peels for acne scars and can have very dramatic results on the skin, sometimes even just after one treatment.

Because there are side effects to this treatment, these types of peels are now being replaced with laser treatment.

You can read more about peels here.

The Naked Truth

The type of exfoliation used on acne scars, will entirely depend on the severity and grade of acne.

Before embarking on any treatment, it is really important that you get any skin sensitivity treated, in order to bring inflammation under control.

Many prescription treatments leave the skin photo sensitive, dry and fragile.

If you are on prescription treatments, then no exfoliation should be performed for at least 6 months following the completion of the internal treatment.

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