Fortify Barrier Repair Cream



Fortify is a breakthrough moisture complex, designed to replace what your skin has lost over time and speed up the recovery of your skin’s barrier function by supporting natural self-repair mechanisms.

A unique blend of Ceramides, Cholesterol, and Hyaluronic Acid penetrate beyond the surface to address chronic dryness and delicate, troubled skin.

Daily Ritual: At sunrise and sunset, gently massage into your face, neck, and décolleté

Skin Concerns: Dry/Mature Skin.


I believe good skin health begins with a healthy moisture barrier, the protective wall locking moisture in and keeping irritants out. Dry and damaged skin is not an easy thing to treat, simply because there are so many factors that may be contributing to its impairment. It may be dehydrated, or it may be oil-dry; that is, lacking important lipids.

Your skin’s moisture barrier has a brick-and-mortar like structure; the “bricks” are skin cells called Corneocytes and the “mortar” is a fatty mixture containing 25% Cholesterol, 25% Fatty Acids, and 50% Ceramides, and all types of lipids.  If the skin’s sebaceous glands are less active, lipid production slows down and barrier function is inhibited.

Fortify was formulated with the perfect ratio of these vital ingredients in order to mimic and strengthen your natural barrier, bringing much needed relief to dry, fragile, and depleted skin.

Skin Health Benefits

  • strengthens and repairs the barrier function
  • boosts skin’s natural ceramide and moisture production
  • offers in-depth moisturisation; eliminating dry, dehydrated skin
  • relieves dermatitis-related conditions and fortifies rosacea-prone skin


Proprietary Ceramide Blend: Lipid molecules – the key component of the top layer of skin that is fully compatible with the ones already found within our own cell membranes that deplete with age. Ceramides protective role on the skin supports cellular rejuvenation, whilst reinforcing the natural barrier function.
Phospholipids: Our cells are surrounded by a membrane, which is made up of essential lipids structures  and the optimal activity of our cells is regulated by this membrane fluidity. Due to their structure, phospholipids are able to penetrate the cellular membrane and nourish it, making them a highly efficient ingredient, when it comes to restoring and protecting the delicate barrier function.
Macadamia Nut Oil: A highly stable, hydrating oil that calms itchy flare-ups associated with dry skin, eczema, and dermatitis; fortifying damaged areas.
Magnesium Chloride: Alleviates inflammation and dryness in magnesium-deficient skin by increasing elasticity and moisture.

Aqua – Water
Persea gratissima – Avocado fruit oil
Macadamia ternifolia – Macadamia nut oil
Phytosteryl macadamiate – Macadamia oil esters
Phytosterols – Plant derived sterols
Caprylic triglycerides – Naturally derived emollient
Glycerine – Vegetable glycerine
Ceramide NP – Stearoyl phytosphingosine
Sclerocarya birrea – Marula seed oil
Stearic acid – Naturally derived thickener
Cetyl alcohol – Naturally derived emulsifier
Sorbitan stearate -Naturally derived emulsifier
Butyrospermum parkii – Shea butter
Vitamin B5
Phospholipids –
Naturally derived lipids
 – Vitamin E
Aveena sativa
Oat extract
Sodium hyaluronate – 
Hyaluronic acid
Sodium PCA – 
Plant derived humectant
Magnesium chloride –
Magnesium chloride
Xanthan gun
Plant derived thickener
Sodium levulinate & sodium anisate – 
Naturally derived preservative


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